Craigslist Apartment Horror Stories!

Other than a political convention, nothing brings out the crazies like a Craigslist ad. The apartment Alex found on Craigslist was so bad that he had to poop in a grocery bag for the four weeks he lived there. Anthony almost rented an apartment that was a combination of "Silence of the Lambs" and "The Ring" with tons of trash. Jenn's spacemate insisted that she dry off the shower every time she used it. Emilie's roommate had a party while Emilie was out of the country and never got around to cleaning up the vomit that was all over her bedroom when she returned to the U.S. And Jessica reports a roommate who had a vivid imagination including a ghost roommate. The editors at Stylelist and The Huffington Post organized their own apartment horror stories into a slide show. Think lots of mice, cock roaches as big as house cats, and toilets that overflowed whenever someone took a shower. Just the typical stuff.

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