"Back to the Past" with John DeLorean's House!

John DeLorean was one of those sometimes loveable self promoters from the 1960s to 80s who had lots of ideas, was the youngest division head ever at General Motors, was always in the news, part owner of the New York Yankees, and ended up badly. He was the guy who brought us the 1960's Pontiac muscle cars like the GTO and is best known for the futuristic DeLorean that may have been way ahead of its time, but was almost impossible to get in and out of and usually never ran. While the car with gull-wing doors was out of business in 1982 after just one year of production (9,000 cars), it became quite the "star" in 1985 when a customized DeLorean was the time machine transporting Michael Fox to 1955 in "Back to the Future." The failed DeLorean car was pretty much the end for John. He was charged with cocaine trafficking in 1982, operated an upscale watch business that never seemed to deliver any watches to their customers, filed bankruptcy in 1999 and died in 2005. His former home in Pauma Valley, CA on 17 acres is for sale at $2.18 million. www.realtor.com

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