LBJ's Texas Ranch For Sale!

One week after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, new President Lyndon B. Johnson purchased an 800-acre ranch near Johnson City, Texas. Even though his main home was a 330-acre ranch on the Pedernales River in central Texas, his new ranch was intended as a getaway that would insulate him from the press and the pressures of Washington, D.C. His first ranch was where he met with political leaders and world dignitaries, but he laid down the law that there would be no work and no visitors invited to his newly acquired ranch. Johnson's former ranch has been downsized to 142 acres and is for sale at $2.8 million. His 2,840-square-foot main house is finished in stone and cedar with numerous terraces and porches for outdoor living and big views. One porch has an outdoor shower. src:

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