Brave Person Buys Black Dahlia House!

One of California's most notorious homes that has been featured in numerous Halloween haunted home and murder mystery stories and seen in Hollywood movies, TV shows and even an American Express commercial has sold after almost five years on and off the market for about $4.7 million. An impressive and unusual piece of architecture, the Mayan-style home was designed by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1927 and looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. In the 1940s, it was the home of Los Angeles surgeon Dr. George Hodel who was a suspect in the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short - better known as the Black Dahlia murder. An aspiring actress, Elizabeth was sliced in half at her waist, her blood drained from her body and left posed in a vacant lot near the Hodel home. Hodel's son became a Los Angeles police detective who eventually came to the conclusion that his father had murdered Elizabeth in their home's basement. The buyer owns a company that makes pet cannabis products and plans to use the home for marijuana-related retreats. src:

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