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Blockbuster Video Mansion!

The palatial estate of Blockbuster Video creator, H. Wayne Huizenga, on the historic New River in Fort Lauderdale, Flori... Read More

Fifty Shades of Grey Star Lives Here!

Irish actor Jamie Dornan, best known for his lead role in the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' has placed his California mi... Read More

Saturday Night Fever House For Sale!

A Brooklyn home that was used as John Travolta's family home in the 1970's movie 'Saturday Night Fever' is for sale at $... Read More

Treasury Secretary Asks $32.5 Million!

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is asking $32.5 million for his 6,500-square-foot New York City apartment. The for... Read More

The Hoover Vacuum Mansion!

In 1926, H. Earl Hoover, the nephew of the company's founder and Hoover board chairman acquired one of the largest remai... Read More

America's Safest House Going To Auction!

The Rice House in Atlanta's prestigious Country Club of the South is advertised as one of the safest homes in the world.... Read More

Affordable Cities To Buy a House!

The middle and southern U.S. are the best places to look for an affordable home. USA Today has a rundown of the cities w... Read More

Hamptons House May Extend Lifespan!

Can the type of home one lives in help its residents live longer? The architectural team of Arakawa and Gins thought so.... Read More

The Arrow Shirt Mansion!

One of California's most historic homes, the Peabody Estate, is for sale. Perched on a peak at the tip of Montecito with... Read More

Castles For Rent!

Architectural Digest has a look at seven castles you can spend the night. From Europe to Kentucky, something different t... Read More

South Beach Condo Is Eye Popper!

If Petra Ecclestone is looking for a small pied-à-terre on an Atlantic Ocean beach as a break from her 57,000-squ... Read More

Demi Lovato's OD House For Sale!

Demi Lovato's Hollywood Hills home where she overdosed in July is for sale asking $9.45 million. Demi is trying to put h... Read More

Dale Earnhardt Jr's Key West Redo!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife, Amy, purchased a Key West home in 2015 for $1.2 million that they remodeled in a four-part ... Read More

Breaking Bad House For Sale!

The Albuquerque home where the final scenes of 'Breaking Bad' were filmed is for sale at $2.5 million. The 5,900-square-... Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright Arizona Designs!

There are several areas of the United States where Frank Lloyd Wright homes are common. One is in Chicago where Wright b... Read More

Top 10 Country Star Pads!

Sheryl Crow converted her former Tennessee farm to solar and Reba McEntyre's Nashville home was converted into a music h... Read More

Smarter To Rent Than Buy!

According to a recent study by Florida Atlantic University, it makes more sense in much of the United States to rent a h... Read More

Tour Cher's Original Beverly Hills Mansion!

Cher's first serious home after her divorce from Sonny Bono, which she designed and built in Beverly Hills in 1980, is n... Read More

Indiana's Pizza Hut Mansion!

A 50-acre equestrian mansion in Fort Wayne, Indiana includes 16 bedrooms, 27 baths, English-style conservatory, two-stor... Read More

Celebrities Are Selling!

Homes with connections to Madonna, Michael Jordan, Jackie Gleason and President Obama are for sale. Read More

A Deal From Warren Buffett!

Warren Buffett has a good eye for real estate too. In 1971, Warren bought a contemporary-style beach home in Laguna Beac... Read More

Is a Celebrity House Worth More Money?

Celebrity homes usually come on the market with a premium markup. Real estate experts generally say that a celebrity hom... Read More

Florida Condo Prices Increase 79 Consecutive Months!

Florida continues its real estate climb from the 2008 - '11 real estate crash as prices and sales have increased for 79 ... Read More

Living in a Clock Tower!

A 1914 Brooklyn clock tower building is now an apartment that was also 'Esquire's' 2011 Bachelor Pad of the Year. Read More

Where Craigslist Was Invented!

Craig Newmark's former San Francisco home, the place where he created, developed and operated Craigslist in the mid 1990... Read More

Buy Meryl Streep's New York Penthouse!

Meryl Streep has listed her New York City penthouse for $24.6 million. Meryl bought the Tribeca four-bedroom home with H... Read More

Disney World Dream House For Sale!

Disney fans can live at Orlando's Disney World - if they have about $2 million or more to spend. Disney's Golden Oak dev... Read More

Madonna's Beverly Hills Mansion!

Having just turned age 60, Madonna might be feeling a certain nostalgia for the old days. Especially her former Sunset B... Read More

HGTV's Favorite Historic Home!

The standout winner of the 2018 HGTV viewers' favorite historic home belonged to a former slave. Robert Smalls was born ... Read More

Fireproof Houses Could Be Coming Soon!

Homes with fire-retardant roofs, without vents and overhangs, glass that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, s... Read More

Elvis Presley's Trailer Hideout!

A mobile home that Elvis Presley used to escape from media attention is going to auction. Located near his Graceland hom... Read More

Dallas Round House of Styles!

A round home in Dallas combines a number of various designs including Frank Lloyd Wright, Space Oddity, California cool ... Read More

President Obama's Summer Vacation Spot!

The Martha's Vineyard home where Barack Obama and family spent their first three family summer vacations after Barack be... Read More

Jason Aldean's Tennessee Mansion!

Jason Aldean has listed his 8,900-square-foot, six-bedroom Tennessee home asking $7.86 million. The rustic-style home in... Read More

Converted Schoolhouses For Sale!

Just in time for back to school, has found seven former schools now converted to homes. For sale prices from... Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright's School Teacher House!

When Frank Lloyd Wright died at age 91 in 1959 he had designed over 1,000 structures and was still very active in the bu... Read More

Top 10 California Sales!

One has a connection to Walt Disney's home, another was Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion, and another mansion was original... Read More

America's Funniest Real Estate Listing!

A person in Texas is using a dinosaur to help sell their home. Read More

Don't Forget To Visit Buffalo!

According to Travel & Leisure, Buffalo is the #2 underrated U.S. city to visit with its architecture and proximity to Ni... Read More

HGTV & Lance Bass Battle for Brady Bunch House!

In a battle for 1970's TV nostalgia, HGTV bought the 'Brady Bunch' television home for $3.5 million. Competing against s... Read More

Looking for Love for Beach Boy House!

The Beach Boys' Mike Love is trying to sell his California castle-style home at Pebble Beach. Mike is asking $6.45 milli... Read More

Jennifer Lawrence Buys Jessica Simpson's House!

Jennifer Lawrence recently became the new owner of Jessica Simpson's former home in Beverly Hills. The 5,500-square-foot... Read More

HGTV's Historic House Winner!

The overall winner in HGTV's 2018 favorite house contest was a beautiful villa in Sardinia, but the most interesting hom... Read More

Movie Pads For Rent!

Architectural Digest has a look at what it would cost to rent Carrie Bradshaw's New York apartment, Tom Hank's Seattle h... Read More

Tommy Hilfiger Sells Palm Beach Mansion Fast!

Tommy Hilfiger bought an oceanfront Mediterranean-style mansion in Palm Beach last year which he just sold for $35 milli... Read More

WW II Battle of Britain HQ For Sale!

The penthouse in a London home that was the World War II headquarters for England's Royal Air Force, where the Battle of... Read More

Tom Cruise's Florida Scientology Penthouse!

The years of rumors that that Tom Cruise was moving to Florida to be close to the Church of Scientology headquarters in ... Read More

Two Tall Towers Coming to NYC!

Two new condo buildings planned for New York City's Upper West Side will shatter the neighborhood record for tall buildi... Read More

Jackie Gleason's UFO House!

One of television's biggest stars in the 1950s, CBS gave Jackie Gleason a huge salary and six acres of land in Peekskill... Read More

Asking $1 Billion in LA!

The ultimate Beverly Hills trophy property is for sale at $1 billion, and it is all land and trees. No mansion, tennis c... Read More

Michael Jordan Mansion Still Available!

Michael Jordan's Chicagoland mansion where he lived during his championship years with the Chicago Bulls has been on the... Read More

Overstock Soon Selling Houses!

In addition to helping its website visitors find designer brands and home goods, hopes to soon help people... Read More

Happy Days Again For House Owners!

With an improved economy and housing prices recovered in much of the United States since the 2008 crash, home owners are... Read More

Internationals & Yankees Fuel Fort Lauderdale Condo Surge!

Tax refugees from states such as New York, Connecticut and California plus internationals looking for safer investments ... Read More

Big Bang's Big Star's House!

'The Big Bang Theory' star Jim Parsons has listed his L.A. home for $8.95 million. The gated home is located in the ritz... Read More

Country Stars' Kitchen Tours! has photos of country stars' kitchens - Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Loretta Lynn and mor... Read More

Higher Housing Prices Predicted at 95%!

According to a recent analysis by Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, home price increases in the United States are 95% lik... Read More

Fans Vacation at David Cassidy's Florida House!

The longtime Fort Lauderdale home of 'The Partridge Family' star David Cassidy, that David sold in 2015 following a bank... Read More

The Brady Bunch House Is For Sale!

The Los Angeles split-level house that was the TV home for the exterior scenes of the 1970's 'The Brady Bunch' is for sa... Read More

Elizabeth Taylor Favorite House!

The home where Elizabeth Taylor lived with husband #2, Michael Wilding, in the 1950s and called the most beautiful house... Read More

Marc Anthony Buys Miami Rum Mansion!

Grammy-winning singer and former J-Lo husband, Marc Anthony, is the new owner of a 12-bedroom waterfront home on 1.3 acr... Read More

Kardsashian Home Tour!

Pop Culture has a look at a home that was modeled after an Italian castle and served as the fictitious television home f... Read More

Affordable Vacation Towns!

According to USA Today, the most affordable vacation town in the U.S. is Orlando, Florida with inexpensive hotels, food ... Read More

Americans Nix Record House Equity!

American home owners have almost $6 trillion of equity in their homes but very few are borrowing any money. Experts thin... Read More

Tyler Perry's Old Atlanta Mansion!

When Tyler Perry's former Georgia mansion sold in 2016 for $17.5 million, it was a record price for Atlanta area real es... Read More

Zsa Zsa & Elvis Lived Here!

The ultimate in celebrity homes is for sale. The longtime home of Zsa Zsa Gabor is available at $23.45 million. The Bel ... Read More

Miami Luxury Sales Up 24%!

Already the second fastest growing state in the U.S. with almost 1,000 new residents per day, more rich people are movin... Read More

New York City Real Estate Stalls!

With higher interests rates, sky-high prices and new tax laws limiting mortgage interest and state and local tax deducti... Read More

Trump Loses New York City Tax Cut!

Now that his primary residence is the White House, President Trump has lost the tax abatement on his Trump Tower apartme... Read More

Rob Lowe's East Coast-Style California House!

Star of screen and TV since age 19, Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, have listed their East Coast-style Montecito, Calif... Read More

LeBron's New L.A. Mansion!

LeBron James has a new team and a new mansion in California. The brand new $154 million Laker recently purchased a three... Read More

Former Doors House For Sale!

The former home of the Doors lead guitarist Robby Krieger is for sale at $13.9 million. Krieger had the home built in 19... Read More

Train Station Gets New Life!

An Ontario & Western train depot that was transformed into an elegant private home in Bloomingburg, New York is now on t... Read More

Karl Lagerfeld's Germany Estate!

You might think that Karl Lagerfeld's former home in Germany would be special and different. The Wall Street Journal has... Read More

America's Best Beach Towns!

According to a WalletHub analysis of over 50 factors ranging from housing costs to water quality and number of waterfron... Read More

Wilt-the-Stilt's California House!

The Southern California ultra-modern home that the NBA's Wilt Chamberlain helped to design in 1971 is for sale at $19 mi... Read More

Derek Jeter's New York Castle!

Derek Jeter's Tiedemann Castle on New York's Greenwood Lake is for sale asking $14.75 million. The early 1900's compound... Read More

Linda Ronstadt's Old Mansion!

A home in Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood where Linda Ronstadt once lived is for sale at $16.25 million. The 1930's... Read More

America's Richest Neighborhoods!

According to, the most expensive home-price zip code in the United States is Atherton, California where the ... Read More

Whiskey Heir's New York Penthouse!

An heir to the Seagram's whiskey fortune has listed a Park Avenue penthouse for $12.5 million. Mathew Bronfman and wife ... Read More

Gloria Vanderbilt's Childhood Mansion!

A Manhattan Upper East Side apartment where Gloria Vanderbilt lived as a baby is going on the market at $30 million. Acc... Read More

Pete & Ariana's New York Apartment!

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are living in one of Zaha Hadid's designed buildings in Manhattan's Ch... Read More

Muhammad Ali's Michigan Farm For Sale!

Muhammad Ali's longtime Michigan farm is for sale at a very specific price. The last two numbers represent Ali's 37 care... Read More

Cole Porter's New York Townhouse!

A New York City townhouse where Cole Porter once lived recently sold for $4.8 million. The five-bedroom, four-bath Murra... Read More

Cindy Crawford's Malibu Beach House!

Cindy Crawford and her husband, Randy Gerber (George Clooney's tequila business partner), have sold their Malibu beach-b... Read More

Affordable Mississippi Beach Towns!

According to SmartAssett, several beach towns in the Southeast and Pacific Northwest U.S. won't cost a fortune in buried... Read More

Tom Brokaw's Westchester House!

Former NBC head news person Tom Brokaw has put his Westchester, Connecticut home on the market asking $6.3 million. The ... Read More

Higher Taxes Drive Higher Florida Prices!

With higher taxes in northern U.S. states such as New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Connecticut, more people are mov... Read More

Obama Vacation Rental Sells $15 Million!

The Martha's Vineyard home where President Obama and family vacationed in 2013 has sold for $15 million. The 6,967-squar... Read More

Michael Phelps House & Pool For Sale!

Michael Phelps has listed his Arizona home for $4.1 million. The 6,000-square-foot, ranch-style home includes five bedr... Read More

Rosa Parks' Detroit House Auction!

The Detroit home where Rosa Parks lived was dismantled several years ago and is now in storage in Providence, Rhode Isla... Read More

New England's Fairy Tale House!

A compound in the Berkshire Mountains that looks like it could have jumped off the pages of Grimms' Fairy Tales is for s... Read More

America's 50 Worst Cities!

One of the all-time classic World Series was the Detroit Tigers vs the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968 which the Tigers won ... Read More

Shakira Relists Miami Contemporary!

Pop singer and former 'Voice' judge Shakira spends most of her time in Europe these days so she is selling a Miami Beach... Read More

Ben Affleck's Big House!

Ben Affleck's island vacation home off the coast of Georgia is for sale at $8.9 million. The compound includes the 6,000... Read More

Buy a Penthouse - Get a $500K Diamond!

The new Regalia condo project in Sunny Isles, Florida is sold out except for the penthouse and one beach villa. In an e... Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright In Minnesota!

A well preserved Frank Lloyd Wright home he designed for a Minneapolis family in 1951 is for sale at $3.4 million. Read More

Oprah Gets Another House!

Oprah Winfrey collects all kinds of homes all over the United States. She has or had several fancy condos in Chicago, a ... Read More

U.S. Household Worth At Record $100 Trillion!

Thanks to higher home prices, U.S. household net worth jumped one percent in the January to March quarter to crack the $... Read More

Matt Lauer Gets OK on New Zealand Ranch!

New Zealand has a requirement that foreign home owners of important properties must be of 'good character,' which put M... Read More

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