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U.S. Housing Starts Strong!

Housing starts in the United States were up over 11 percent in December.Read More

America's Top 10 Hot Housing Markets!

According to Zillow, Tennessee, with Nashille and Knoxville, and Utah, with Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden, have the h...Read More

Where the Rich Ride Horses In Florida!

Wellington, Florida is not high on the list of Florida vacation towns, except for rich people like Bill Gates and Bruce ...Read More

Walt Disney's Vacation Mid-Century Modern!

The vacation home that Walt Disney had built in Palm Springs a few years before his death is for sale. It remained in th...Read More

Famous Hollywood Movie Pads!

Sometimes the home in a movie or television show becomes more famous than the actors. Architectural Digest has details a...Read More

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel Aire Mansion!

Zsa Zsa Gabor sold her Bel Air mansion in 2014 but the closing was delayed so that she could continue to live in the hom...Read More

Who's Who At the Dakota!

Cher, Billy Joel and Madonna were rejected and John Lennon died in the building's entrance. The Real Deal has the detail...Read More

2016 Weird Places To Live!

From an Oklahoma home that looks like a fishing reel to a Salt Lake City mansion with a bowling alley in the living room...Read More

Tour Trump's First Mansion!

Donald Trump's first mansion was recently on the market at $45 million. The Greenwich, Connecticut home is on six waterf...Read More

Celine Dion's Paris Apartment!

Celine Dion is selling her Paris apartment with five bedrooms and balcony views of the Eiffel Tower, asking $9.4 million...Read More

Don Rickles' Beach Home!

At age 90, Don Rickles is still making the circuit of late night television and night clubs. He is also selling his Mali...Read More

Ivanka's New House!

Ivanka Trump and husband, Jared Kushner, have a new home in the same Washington, D.C. neighborhood where President Obama...Read More

Springsteen & E Street Band In Palm Beach!

Bruce Springsteen sings about his home-state New Jersey in many of his songs but Bruce and his E Street Band members see...Read More

Mariah Carey's New York Apartment!

Mariah Carey didn't miss a note when she decorated her New York apartment. Her Art-Deco home has a shoe room and bathroo...Read More

Russians Looking At Miami Again!

With the election of Donald Trump and the likelihood of better relations between the United States and Russia, the inter...Read More

Celebrity Home News!

Tom & Gisele, Gwen Stefani, Cindy Crawford, Johnny Depp, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford were buying or selling homes in 20...Read More

Carrie Fisher's Hollywood Hills Home!

Carrie Fisher lived in one of the Hollywood Hills more eclectic homes featuring a mix of custom art work, lush landscap...Read More

Amy Schumer Finds Buyer!

After more than a year and several price reductions, Amy Schumer has found a buyer for her New York apartment.Read More

Trump Russia Condo Ties!

According to USA Today, Donald Trump's affinity for Russia is likely due to his history of condo sales and financial bac...Read More

Top 10 Celebrity Homes In 2016!

Adam Levine, Pierre Cardin and Tyler Perry are a few of the celebrities who made real estate news in 2016.Read More

Top 10 Log Cabins For Sale!

MSN has a look at ten log cabins for sale ranging from a simple cabin in Vermont at $220,000 to a 7,525 square foot cab...Read More

Zillow Santa Claus Zestimate!

According to the real estate website Zillow, Santa Claus did a remodel of his North Pole home in 2013 adding more garage...Read More

Trump Childhood Home Sells $1.25 Million!

An unknown buyer grabbed Donald Trump's childhood home in New York for $1.25 million. The English-tudor home, the Trump ...Read More

Dreaming of a White Christmas in Florida!

Several Florida cities have had snow on Christmas.Read More

Vote Your Favorite Celebrity Home!

The Boston Globe has a look at the Top 10 Celebrity Homes for 2016. Readers can vote for their favorite home.Read More

Carole King's Idaho Ranch!

Carole King's Idaho ranch on 128 acres with thermal pools, cave bath house, horse stables and postcard views is for sale...Read More

John Edwards' North Carolina Home!

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards' political career flamed out in 2010 after several years of womanizing scanda...Read More

DiCaprio Takes Loss On NYC Condo!

Leonardo DiCaprio paid $10 million for his Greenwich Village condo in 2014 but just sold it for $8 million. Home feature...Read More

Susan Lucci Finally Sells Hamptons Home!

It took two years but Susan Lucci has sold her 10,622-square-foot Hamptons home. The sale price was near the $20 million...Read More

Ivanka Trump Selling Park Avenue Condo!

Ivanka Trump is asking $4.1 million for a condo she owns at a Trump building on Park Avenue. She bought the two-bedroom ...Read More

Beckhams Selling LA Mansion - Too Small!

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly putting their 13,000-square-foot Los Angeles home up for sale because it is to...Read More

Top 10 U.S. Affordable Towns!

The real estate website Curbed has a look at 10 towns that are both affordable and on the move. Most are in the midweste...Read More

Super Glue Mansion For Sale!

The late Howard Sussman was the mayor of Hillsboro Beach, Florida and also the original marketer of Super Glue. He came ...Read More

Music Over for Jim Morrison Historic Home!

The West Hollywood apartment where The Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, lived from 1969 to 1971 was nominated for histor...Read More

Beverly Hills Amenities Include a Robot!

A new building near Beverly Hills features a robot that has been programmed to navigate the halls and elevator to delive...Read More

Santa's North Pole House Not For Sale!

Although it is not for sale, the real estate website Zillow has calculated Santa's North Pole home value at over $650,00...Read More

Miami Penthouse Sets New Record!

A tri-level penthouse in Miami Beach has set a new level for Florida condo prices at $65 million.Read More

Trump's New York Penthouse!

A great location on three floors with Central Park views, Donald Trump's New York penthouse is worth about $100 million.Read More

Bob Hope UFO Home Sold!

Bob Hope's former UFO home in Palm Springs, California recently sold for $13 million. The home was first listed in 2013 ...Read More

More Palm Beach Pricey Mansions!

With some of the country's highest home prices, two brand new mansions have hit the market in Palm Beach, Florida with p...Read More

U.S. Home Prices Hit All-Time High!

After four years of steady increases and a 5.5 percent jump since 2015, U.S. home prices are at a record high in much of...Read More

Feds May Take Rock's Old Florida Home!

The owner of Dwayne Johnson's former South Florida mansion is facing the possibility of losing his home to the feds. Ser...Read More

Donald Trump's Palm Beach Home!

Although Donald Trump has brought new attention to Palm Beach with his Mar-a-Lago estate, the South Florida beach town h...Read More

Florida Housing Prices Continue To Climb!

Florida single-family median home prices are up 11.7 percent from 2015 to $220,000 while condominium prices are up 8.1 p...Read More

U.S. Home Sales At Highest Level Since 2007!

U.S. existing home sales rose to an annual rate of 5.6 million in October, its highest level since 2007. Despite expert...Read More

President Obama Moving To Desert!

A recurring rumor that President Obama is buying a home in a California desert area is circulating again. According to t...Read More

Former Trump Palm Beach Lot Sells $34 Million!

A Palm Beach mansion that Donald Trump once sold for $95 million was recently demolished and the vacant lot just sold fo...Read More

Porsche Design Tower Has 120 Pools!

Porsche Design Tower, the Miami Beach condos that feature car elevators that will take residents and their cars directly...Read More

Johnny Cash's Tennessee Home!

The Tennessee land where Johnny and June Carter Cash had their family home from the late 1960s until 2003 is for sale. T...Read More

No White House for Trump Family!

The new President's wife, Melania, and son, Barron, are not moving into the White House any time soon. Both will continu...Read More

Amityville Horror House Sold!

The Long Island home that was the inspiration for the Amityville Horror House story has sold for near the asking price o...Read More

Weird Homes Across the Globe!

A toilet home, space ship and airplane houses and a cave home - a look at 13 weird homes.Read More

Manhattan Bouvier Apartment!

One of New York City's most expensive apartments is for sale at $29.5 million. The 12-room duplex was the home of Jacque...Read More

Cindy Crawford's Malibu Flip!

Cindy Crawford and her restaurateur husband Rande Gerber are selling a beach home they bought just last year. They are l...Read More

Enrique's Old House!

A Miami Beach home on Biscayne Bay that Enrique Iglesias sold in 2004 is for sale asking $21.5 million.Read More

Maryland Home Has Ties To Freedom!

A Maryland estate for sale at $7 million was originally the home of Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Inde...Read More

Top 10 Celebrity Homes For Sale!

AOL has a look at ten celebrity homes for sale.Read More

1939 World Fair Home of the Future!

A Palm Beach home that won the 1939 World's Fair first-place prize as the home of the future is for sale.Read More

Moving Into the White House!

The White House has 55,000 square feet, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms. It will take about 6 hours on January 20, 2017 to mo...Read More

Yabba Dabba Doo! Rent the Flintstone House!

A Hillsborough, California home that looks like Fred Flintstone's cartoon home has been on and off the market in recent ...Read More

Jackie Kennedy House!

A home where Jackie Kennedy lived before she married John Kennedy is for sale.Read More

John McEnroe Home For Sale!

The asking price for John McEnroe's Hamptons home with eight bedrooms and 2.2 acres has been reduced to $12.5 million.Read More

Brad & Angelina Out of New Orleans!

The New Orleans home that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased in 2006 has sold for $4.9 million. It was on the market...Read More

Billy Bush's New York Townhouse For Sale!

With his departure from the Today show, Billy Bush has listed his New York City townhouse for $8.25 million. Reports tha...Read More

Haunted Homes For Sale!

Haunted homes, ghost towns and former insane asylums that are for sale.Read More

Texas White House Going To Auction!

A 21,000-square-foot, 34-room White House replica near Houston is going to auction. The home was built by former Texas G...Read More

Sinatra's Rat Pack Home Is For Sale!

Frank Sinatra's longtime home in Palm Desert, California is for sale at $3.9 million. The current owner's family were Si...Read More

Amy Schumer's New Penthouse!

Amy Schumer recently purchased a five-bedroom, $12.15 million penthouse in New York City's Upper West Side. Amy was born...Read More

Tom Cruise's Scientology Penthouse!

According to several media sources, a two-story penthouse in Clearwater, Florida is being developed as the future home o...Read More

A Free Night with Dracula!

Airbnb is giving away a free night at Bran Castle, which may have been the inspiration for Dracula's castle.Read More

Prince Albert Buys Mom's Philly Home!

The big celebrity event of 1956 was the marriage of Grace Kelly to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Grace grew up in Phila...Read More

Brad & Angelina Home News!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are selling their 1,200-acre home/vineyard in Correns, France. It is the home they bought in ...Read More

The Clooneys' New Apartment!

George and Amal Clooney are buying an apartment in Midtown Manhattan, near the United Nations. The building is under con...Read More

Cities Too Expensive To Buy a Home!

While home prices have increased tremendously in some American cities making a home purchase out of reach for many peopl...Read More

Robin Williams Movie Home For Sale!

The San Francisco home that was seen in the Robin Williams movie Mrs Doubtfire is for sale at $4.5 million. The Victoria...Read More

Grace Kelly's Home Sold!

The Philadelphia childhood home of Grace Kelly, where the Prince of Monaco asked her to marry, has sold for $775,000 - r...Read More

America's Most Expensive Vacation Rentals!

Homeaway lists the most expensive home rentals in each state. Prices range from $400 a night for a six bedroom home in I...Read More

Your Very Own Nuclear Plant!

The Bellefonte nuclear power plant in northern Alabama is up for auction. Construction on the electricity-producing plan...Read More

Sarah Palin Sells Mansion Quick Profit!

Sarah Palin made a lot of money in just a few years selling for $2.275 million the Arizona mansion she bought in 2011 fo...Read More

Gaga Buys Zappa Home!

According to Variety, Lady Gaga has purchased the longtime home of Frank Zappa. Zappa purchased the tudor-style home wi...Read More

Brangelina's Real Estate Empire!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at the top of a long list of celebrity real estate collectors. Together and individuall...Read More

JFK Honeymoon Mansion For Sale!

The Beverly Hills mansion that was a honeymoon site for Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy and famous scenes from both The G...Read More

Top 10 USA Overlooked Buildings!

A train station in Cincinnati, a museum in Florida, an airport in Virginia and several New York City buildings made the ...Read More

Al Capone's Miami Beach Mansion!

The Miami Beach compound that Al Capone bought in 1928, used as an alibi for the 1929 Saint Valentines Day Massacre, and...Read More

New Apartments Offer Death-Defying Pool!

An apartment building planned for Des Moines, Iowa includes a glass swimming pool that will jut out from the top floor g...Read More

Historic Connecticut Home Has Ties To CIA!

The Scoville Mansion in Salisbury, Connecticut has been in the same family for 150 years. In the late 1940s, Herbert Sco...Read More

$40 Million Georgia Mansion Sells 78% Discount!

A never-lived-in Georgia mansion with over 35,000 square feet and 17 bathrooms that cost $40 million to build just sold ...Read More

America's Best Real Estate Markets!

According to data compiled by WalletHub, the best cities to buy a home are in Texas. Based on economic factors in 300 U....Read More

Cheap Rent For Hef!

The Playboy Mansion sale has closed, sold for $100 million to Twinkies kingpin Darin Metropoulos. Included in the deal, ...Read More

Florida Condos For Cars!

A Miami developer has plans to build climate-controlled condos for cars that will range in price from $350,000 to over $...Read More

The Flying Saucer Home!

In the late 1960s and early 70s, about 100 flying saucer homes designed by a Finnish architect were manufactured. About ...Read More

Prince's Paisley Park Home Opening To Public!

If all goes as planned, the Minneapolis home where Prince lived and died will be open to the public for daily tours. Th...Read More

Tour Michael Phelps Home!

Michael Phelps has quite the home in Arizona, over 6,000 square feet, great pool and mountain views. has p...Read More

Good News For New Home Sales!

U.S. new home sales rose in July to their highest level since 2007, reaching an adjusted yearly rate of 654,000 units.Read More

Beach Boy Brian Wilson's Lake Home!

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson's vacation home is for sale on Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino National Forest, near Sa...Read More

America's Most Expensive Home!

America's most expensive home at $195 million was built in the 1940s for the Lambert pharmaceutical family on a barrier ...Read More

Big, Small & Spooky Governor Mansions!

The country's biggest governor's mansion is in Illinois and the smallest is in Delaware. Colorado's mansion has a beer t...Read More

$90 Million For White House!

According to several experts, the White House would fetch about $90 million on today's market but near $250 million if t...Read More

$1 Billion French Mansion!

A home on the French Riviera has come on the market asking €1 billion, about $1.1 billion USD. The 10-bedroom...Read More

Condo Crash Towns Flying High!

Some of the U.S. cities that fell the hardest in the 2008 - 2012 real estate crash are now making the largest gains in h...Read More

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