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Celebrity Beach Houses!

TMZ has a look at celebrity beach houses including Ellen DeGeneres, Cindy Crawford and Lana Del Rey.Read More

Fabulous Beach Houses!

Just in time for summer, a look at fabulous beach homes.Read More

John & Chrissy's New Place Again!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have purchased a new penthouse apartment in the same building they previously owned in Ne...Read More

Florida #1 for Military Retirees!

According to, Florida is the best state for retired military. Rankings were based on health care access, j...Read More

Christie Brinkley's Hamptons estate, Tower Hill!

America's most popular supermodel, Christie Brinkley, has put her longtime Hamptons estate, Tower Hill, on the market as...Read More

Big Price On Shaq's Big Florida House!

Shaquille O'Neal has put his 28-room lakefront mansion near Orlando, Florida on the market at $28 million. The 31,000-sq...Read More

$1 Million Silicon Valley Fixer Upper!

A home-for-sale listing in the Silicon Valley offers a handyman's special for $999,000. The small 1951 home with cracked...Read More

Hawaii's Most Expensive Beach House!

Hawaii's most expensive beach home is priced at $70 million. The 11,708-square-foot house is owned by the former co-chie...Read More

Trump Boys Buy Aunt's Palm Beach Mansion!

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. have purchased their aunt's eight-bedroom Palm Beach waterfront home. The president's sister a...Read More

Cal Ripken Jr.'s House Streak Ends!

After over 30 years, Cal Ripken Jr. has sold his 24-acre suburban Baltimore home with baseball diamond. Ripken put the ...Read More

L.A.'s Le Belvedere Gets $56 Million!

A 56,000-square-foot home in Bel Air that was built in 2007 for the father of Gigi and Bella Hadid recently sold for $5...Read More

Prince's Island Mansion Going To Auction!

The late rocker Prince owned homes all over the world including a mansion with a purple driveway in the Turks and Caicos...Read More

Top Ten Real Estate News!

Kathie Lee Gifford, Michelle Pfeiffer and Max Weinberg are selling homes. The latest real estate news is featured at Top...Read More

America's Most Spectacular Waterfront Contemporary!

A Nevada home on Lake Tahoe is described by the listing agent as 'quite possibly the most spectacular waterfront propert...Read More

Maine's Last Gilded Age Mansions!

One of Maine's last Gilded-Age mansions is for sale at $15.5 million. The 15,000-square-foot East of Eden was designed ...Read More

South Florida Beach Town News!

The South Florida beach town that was known more for its location between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale than for its be...Read More

Vacant New York Prison Going To Auction!

A former prison in Upstate New York with 30 buildings on 99 acres is going to auction. Closed in 2014 due to a declining...Read More

Robert E. Lee's Childhood House!

Robert E. Lee's childhood home in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia is for sale for the first time in 50 years. Robert live...Read More

Top 10 Spring Beach Towns!

According to, the best beach town to visit this spring and avoid the summer crowds is Ocean City, Mary...Read More

Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills Sale!

Almost as busy with her real estate investments as she is with her music career, Taylor Swift recently sold one of her B...Read More

DiCaprio Buys Moby Tudor!

Environmental activist and celebrity Moby has sold his 1920's L.A. Tudor to Leonardo DiCaprio for $4.9 million. The fiv...Read More

Bruce Willis Sells Central Park Apartment!

Bruce Willis has sold his Central Park apartment for $17.75 million, just three years after purchasing the residence fro...Read More

America's Oldest Log Cabin For Sale!

An original log cabin dating back to 1638 is being offered for sale at $2.9 million in Gibbstown, New Jersey. In 2011, e...Read More

New York Buildings Dump Trump Name!

The Trump real estate brand seems to have lost its luster in New York City where the president's name has been removed f...Read More

Big Sale On America's Most Expensive Mansion!

A new Southern California home with alligator-upholstered elevators was for sale at $250 million but has recently been r...Read More

John Kerry's Nantucket House Sold!

A 1920's home where former Secretary of State John Kerry and wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, were married in 1995 and Teresa o...Read More

Kathie Lee Gifford's Florida Mansion!

With her children now grown and careers of their own, Kathie Lee Gifford is selling the Key Largo, Florida waterfront va...Read More

New Homes Roar In March!

While March weather was rough throughout much of the U.S., new home sales surged up 4 percent. Much of the gain was in t...Read More

Dusty Springfield's London Art Deco!

One of the 1960's and '70's most popular British singers was Dusty Springfield. Her former London Art-Deco style home wi...Read More

America's Top 10 Retirement Towns!

According to a report from, the best place in the United States for retirees is Timber Pines, Florida...Read More

Trump's First Mansion For Sale!

Donald Trump was barely a household name when he purchased his first mansion - a home on a 5.8-acre peninsula in Greenwi...Read More

Lego Family's Florida Horse Farm Sold!

One of the most famous trademarks in the world, Lego has generated great wealth for the Danish family of Ole Kirk Christ...Read More

Springsteen Drummer On Real Estate Roll!

Bruce Springsteen and his E Street band members are famous for their New Jersey roots but Bruce and several of his band ...Read More

Lil' Kim Losing Big House!

Rapper Kimberly Jones, aka Lil' Kim, is apparently losing her 6,026-square-foot New Jersey home on two acres to foreclos...Read More

South Florida Ritzy Zip Codes!

According to a new study from Bloomberg, South Florida includes the #1 and #3 zip codes for the wealthy. According to Bl...Read More

Michelle Pfeiffer's San Francisco Compound!

Michelle Pfeiffer and spouse, David E. Kelley, are trying to sell two homes and a barn on 8.7 acres in the San Francisco...Read More

America's Top 10 Retirement Towns!

According to a report from, the best place in the United States for retirees is Timber Pines, Florida...Read More

Chicago Tribune Tower Going Condo!

The famous Chicago Tribune and adjacent WGN Radio buildings on Michigan Avenue will be converted to a mix of condos, hot...Read More

Pompano Beach Named #1 Florida Beach Vacation!

Pompano Beach was recently named the #1 Florida beach vacation town by MONEY Magazine. Ratings were based on beach town ...Read More

Bernie's Old Beach House!

Bernie Madoff's former Hamptons beach house is for sale at $21 million. Madoff bought the Montauk home in 1980 but lost ...Read More

Celebrities Leaving New York's Central Park!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, celebrities such as Bruce Willis and Sting are leaving New York's Central Park area...Read More

Billy Joel Makes a Deal!

Billy Joel has sold some of his land but his Manalapan, Florida home is still looking for a buyer. Billy put his 13,216-...Read More

Rachel Ray Selling Hamptons Compound!

Rachel Ray is asking $4.7 million for her Hamptons home, down from the $4.9 million she was asking last year. The 1970's...Read More

Ellen's $33 Million Beverly Hills Mansion!

Hollywood's busiest home flipper, Ellen DeGeneres, buys and sell homes faster than most people clean out their garage. O...Read More

Top 10 Real Estate News!

Adam Levine, Eva Longoria, J-Rod & Donald Trump's sister are buying or selling homes. The latest real estate news is fea...Read More

New Florida Beach Laws for the Rich!

Based on a new Florida law, ritzy beach hotels, resorts and mansions may soon be able to keep the riffraff off their san...Read More

Gulden Mustard House For Sale!

A mustard-yellow home for sale in Cold Harbor, New York was once owned by the Gulden Mustard family. The 18-room home on...Read More

Archie Bunker's Malibu House!

A lot different than Archie Bunker's TV home in Queens, Carol O'Connor's longtime Malibu home is for sale at a pocket-li...Read More

Rock & Roll Homes For Sale!

If you ever dreamed about owning a home where a rock star once lived, here are four that are for sale including Elvis Pr...Read More

Top 10 Real Estate News!

Gwen Stefani, Matt Lauer and Jon Bon Jovi are buying or selling homes. The latest real estate news is featured at TopTen...Read More

TV's Maverick 400-Acre Ranch!

James Garner was a television and movie star for over 40 years starring in 'Maverick,' 'The Great Escape' and 'The Rockf...Read More

Alex & Jennifer's Park Avenue Apartment!

According to Curbed New York, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have gone all in paying $15.3 million for a new apartmen...Read More

Dusty Springfield's London Art Deco House!

One of the 1960's and '70's most popular British singers was Dusty Springfield. Her former London Art-Deco style home wi...Read More

Trump's Sister Sells Palm Beach House!

President Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, has sold her large Palm Beach home. She was asking $23.9 million for the...Read More

Eva's Hollywood Mansion!

Eva Longoria is asking $3.795 million for her 8,603-square-foot Hollywood home that she bought in 2006 for $3.6 million...Read More

Tiger's Ex Selling Florida Beach Mansion!

Tiger Wood's ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is selling her North Palm Beach home asking $49.5 million. The 25,000-square-foot ...Read More

Harvey Weinstein Unloads More Real Estate!

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been rapidly selling his real estate holdings following the recent headline s...Read More

Red Skelton's Horse Farm For Sale!

Red Skelton's 600-acre horse ranch in Riverside, California is for sale at $5.995 million. Horse facilities include a wa...Read More

Top 10 Expensive Countries!

No surprise that the top ten most expensive countries in the world have either the best beaches, the highest heating bil...Read More

World's Happiest Country!

According to an annual report from the United Nations, Finland is the world's happiest country followed by Norway and De...Read More

New NYC Building Hits $2 Billion In Sales!

With the highest views in the city ranging from the Hudson to the East River, from Westchester to Brooklyn, from Central...Read More

Top 10 USA Small Towns! analyzed home prices, unemployment figures, crime statistics and household spending to pick America's most a...Read More

Margaritaville Smash Hit in Daytona Beach!

Jimmy Buffett and Minto Communities have teamed up to build a Margaritaville in Daytona Beach, Florida. Located a few mi...Read More

Fort Lauderdale's Elbo Room!

One of Fort Lauderdale's longtime tourist attractions and late-night watering holes is in danger of closing. The Elbo Ro...Read More

John Mayer Grabs Adam Levine's House!

Adam Levine has been active on the real estate front recently buying a 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for $33....Read More

Housing Prices Surge Over 8% In February!

Median U.S. home prices increased 8.8% between March 2017 and February 2018 to a median price of $285,700. The data was ...Read More

Matt Lauer's Hamptons Bargain!

Former 'Today Show' host Matt Lauer has reduced the asking price on one of his Hamptons homes for the third time - now a...Read More

Hamptons Grey Gardens Estate!

The original Grey Gardens in the Hamptons, a sad riches-to-rags story that drew attention around the world in the 1970s,...Read More

America's Most Eclectic Beach House!

One of America's most colorful homes is located on a strip of Atlantic Ocean beach that is guarded by a 24-hour private ...Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright's New York Usonian!

After World War II, Frank Lloyd Wright knew returning soldiers would need affordable homes, so he developed a new concep...Read More

Florida Dominates Top 10 Beach List!

With 825 miles of white sand beaches, it's not surprising that Florida beach homes and vacation resorts are in such dema...Read More

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago!

Palm Beach, Florida has been drawing the rich and famous, captains of industry, American presidents and royalty since th...Read More

Jon Bon Jovi's New Oceanfront!

It's been a good month for Jon Bon Jovi with his hit album 'This House Is Not For Sale' in the top spot on the Billboard...Read More

Top 10 Florida Retirement Towns!

According to finance company SmartAsset, Naples is the best town in Florida for retirees. The study was based on taxes, ...Read More

Gwen Stefani Asks $35 Million!

Three-time Grammy Award winner and former 'The Voice' judge, Gwen Stefani, has developed a number of sideline businesses...Read More

Miami Luxury Condos Going To Wrecking Ball!

A Russian developer has spent $48 million to buy out the owners of 25 Bay Tower, a 1970's Miami condo building and will ...Read More

Charlie Sheen's Mansion For Sale!

Charlie Sheen is asking $9,999,999 for his seven-bedroom Beverly Hills home. Also included in the mansion are a game roo...Read More

Cool Phoenix Home Has Hot Past!

A Phoenix home featured in USA Today is the quintessential example of a mid-century modern design with glass walls, open...Read More

Top 10 Ski Homes For Sale!

Curbed has the details on ten of the best ski homes for sale.Read More

Dick Cavett's Central Park Apartment!

It was a long winding road for the thinking man talk show host to achieve stardom in his own late night show, The Dick ...Read More

Zaha Hadid's Miami Beach Condo Reduced!

Modernist architect and first female winner of the of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Zaha Hadid's work is represented...Read More

Cal Ripken's Baseball Mansion Auction!

With Major League Baseball's spring training underway in Florida and Arizona, some lucky fan with deep pockets will soon...Read More

Housing Starts Jump In January!

New housing construction jumped 9.7% from December to January to an annual rate of over 1.3 million homes. However most ...Read More

Best 25 U.S. Counties To Live!

According to USA Today, the best county to live in the United States is Falls County, Virginia. The county, a suburb of ...Read More

Bubble Real Estate Cities!

According to the USB Global Real Estate Bubble Index, Toronto, Stockholm and Munich are the most over valued real estate...Read More

Suzanne Won't Give Up Longtime Compound!

It seems that Suzanne Somers can't part with the Palm Springs home that she and husband, Alan Hammel, have owned since t...Read More

Where the Presidents Lived!

USA Today has a look at the homes of the presidents from George Washington's Mount Vernon to Thomas Jefferson's Monticel...Read More

Weird Places To Live! has the story and photos of some of America's strangest homes. Running the gamut from a California home built...Read More

Senator Targets Trump's Palm Beach Mansion Sale!

The 2008 sale of Donald Trump's Palm Beach mansion to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for $95 million is under scr...Read More

America's Best Small Towns!

Architectural Digest has a look at some of America's best small towns.Read More

New York Skyscrapers Getting Skinny!

New York City's newest skyscrapers are trimming down a lot; a project under construction at 111 West 57th Street will be...Read More

Michelangelo's Italian Villa For Sale!

The Italian farm house that Michelangelo once owned is for sale. Michelangelo was 72 when he bought it, just three years...Read More

Valentine's Day Islands For Rent!

USA Today and Home Away have rounded up private islands that lovers can rent for Valentines Day. Available are picturesq...Read More

America's Most Romantic Food Towns!

Based on their local dining behavior, OpenTable claims that Oklahoma City is America's most romantic city. Saint Louis g...Read More

America's Coolest Neighborhoods!

According to, America's coolest neighborhoods are in Chicago, Dallas, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Portland, O...Read More

Housing Prices Zoom To Record Highs!

Median home prices in the U.S. reached $235,000 in 2017 - a new record high. Prices were up nationwide 8.3% from 2016 to...Read More

T. Boone's $250 Million Compound!

T. Boone Pickens spent years making his Texas ranch one of the world's most valuable properties. The oilman and pioneeri...Read More

Basic Instinct Love House For Sale!

The Carmel-by-the-Sea, California home where Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone hooked up in the 1992 'Basic Instinct' mov...Read More

LBJ's Texas Ranch For Sale!

One week after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, new President Lyndon B. Johnson purchased an 800-acre ran...Read More

Top 10 U.S. Towns To Buy Or Rent!

According to a study by, the best place in the United States to purchase a home is Baltimore where the media...Read More

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