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Eclipse View Mansion!

One of the best places to see the solar eclipse is a mansion in Michigan with a two-story domed observatory that rotates...Read More

Top 10 Glass Houses!

Dwell and Zillow have a look at 10 unique glass homes including Philip Johnson's Connecticut contemporary and Olson Kund...Read More

Eminem's Wild Game Room!

Eminem is trying to sell his Detroit-area home for $2 million. He paid $4.8 million for the home in 2003. One of the hom...Read More

Former Tony Curtis and Sonny & Cher Mansion!

One of Hollywood's most historic and expensive mansions, former home to Tony Curtis and Sonny & Cher and love nest for M...Read More

Chumlee's Las Vegas House For Sale!

'Pawn Stars' Chumlee may seem a bit dense but he could be reeling in a handsome profit from the home he bought in Las Ve...Read More

Beverly Hillbillies Mansion For Sale!

The Southern California mansion that was used as the exterior scenes for the Clampett home in the classic 1960's TV show...Read More

Cold Housing Prices In Alaska!

According to, home prices have increased in every state since 2016 except for Alaska.Read More

Trouble In San Francisco!

A pair of San Francisco real estate investors stumbled on quite a deal. A street in San Francisco's Presidio Terrace wit...Read More

World's Top 25 City Skylines!

According to a recent analysis based mostly on the height and number of buildings at least 40 floors, Hong Kong has the ...Read More

President Obama's White House Decorator!

How cool would it be to own a house designed by the White House decorator? A Newport Beach home with interior designed b...Read More

World's Most Beautiful House!

The winner of HGTV's 2017 Ultimate House Hunt chosen from over a million voting fans is a beach house in the Turks and C...Read More

America's Cheapest Beach Towns!

Although it might be the same Atlantic Ocean, an oceanfront home or condo is a lot cheaper in some beach towns including...Read More

World's Tallest House Fails At Auction!

The world's tallest home, located in Prescott, Arizona, is having some difficulty selling. After several years on the ma...Read More

Florida Prices Up 67 Months In Row!

The median price for Florida single-family and condos has increased for 67 consecutive months. Single-family prices are...Read More

Internationals Buying U.S. Real Estate!

Foreign purchases of U.S. homes have increased over 32 percent since early 2016. Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico showe...Read More

Jimmy Carter Deep-Sixed the Presidential Yacht!

The USS Sequoia served as the presidential yacht from 1925 until President Jimmy Carter decided it was an extravagance.Read More

O.J.'s Florida House For Sale!

The Miami home that O.J. Simpson owned when he was convicted of armed robbery in 2008 is for sale at $1.3 million. O.J. ...Read More

Weird Mannequin House For Sale!

A sale listing for a Texas home has an abundance of mannequins posing and even hanging from the ceiling.Read More

'Play Misty For Me' Movie House For Sale!

Though most of Clint Eastwood's 'Play Misty For Me' was shot in Monterey, California, the final scene, the one that most...Read More

Fashion Designers Strut Condo Catwalk!

Several of the world's top fashion designers are involved in South Florida's trendiest new condo developments.Read More

Top 10 Versace Mansion Secrets!

Starting with the 24-karat gold tiles in the mansion's swimming pool, secret passageways and ties to Christopher Columbu...Read More

Singapore's $100 Million Penthouse!

A new, three-story penthouse in Singapore is projected to hit the market at about $100 million (about $78 million USD). ...Read More

Brooklyn Mansion Has Ties To Crime Family!

One of Brooklyn's most expensive homes, now for sale at $18 million, was built by an associate of the Colombo crime fami...Read More

Celebrities Are Selling!

Urban Daddy has a look at seven celebrity homes currently for sale.Read More

Big Pink House For Sale!

A shockingly pink house in Bradenton, Florida is on the auction block. The colorful 1931 home is on the Manatee River.Read More

Southern California Time Capsule House!

A Southern California home that was designed with the most modern design ideas of its time when it was built in 1957 is ...Read More

Someone Turn the Lights Out!

Taylor Swift spends over $2,000 a month on her Beverly Hills home's utility bills while former boyfriend Harry Styles ge...Read More

Celebrities Who Buy From Other Celebrities!

Ryan Seacrist bought Ellen DeGeneres's Beverly Hills home and Jerry Seinfeld grabbed Billy Joel's Long Island home. Many...Read More

Destin's Perfect Beach Sand!

The soft, white sand that makes Destin one of Florida's most popular beaches got its start in the Appalachian Mountains.Read More

You Dirty Rat: Martha's Vineyard Farm!

James Cagney's longtime summer home on Martha's Vineyard is for sale at $13.5 million. The current owner is You Dirty Ra...Read More

Beverly Hills Celebrity Mansion!

A Beverly Hills home that once belonged to Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor and Mia Farrow is for sale.Read More

Top 10 U.S. Lake Towns! has picked the best U.S. lake towns based on things to do and price appreciation. Their #1 pick is in Chelan...Read More

American Express Rents Grey Gardens!

Grey Gardens was the dilapidated Hamptons home of Jackie Kennedy's eccentric aunt and cousin that was made into an award...Read More

Best Towns To Buy a Vacation House!

According to a company that specializes in real estate information, the best towns to buy a vacation home are in Florida...Read More

Miami's New Aston Martin Condos!

An Argentinian grocery store king is developing a new condo project in Miami that incorporates features from Aston Marti...Read More

Dean Martin's Rat Pack Pad!

Dean Martin's Beverly Hills home where he lived from 1988 until his death in 1995 has been completely remodeled and is f...Read More

Florida's Million Dollar Zip Codes!

Florida home prices have increased 65 consecutive months. In three zip codes, the median home price is now over $1 milli...Read More

Small Town Millionaires!

The city with the largest percentage of millionaires is not in Southern California, New York or Connecticut. It is June...Read More

Jay Z & Beyonce Twin Babies Crib!

According to the Daily Mail, Jay Z & Beyonce are renting a Malibu compound at $400,000 a month for their new family.Read More

Top 10 Retirement States!

Based on factors such as weather, health care, taxes, cost of living and crime, picks New Hampshire as the ...Read More

Jackie Kennedy's Teenage Mansion For Sale!

Historic Merrywood estate, home of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis during her teenage years, is now for sale asking $49.5 mil...Read More

First-Time Buyer Housing Blues!

First-time home buyers are losing out to investors and more affluent who are driving up prices in many parts of the Unit...Read More

Surging Million-Dollar Housing Markets!

The number of home priced over $1 million is soaring in many U.S. towns. In Denver, the percentage of million-dollar hom...Read More

Matthew Perry's Mid-Century Modern!

Stuff has a look at Matthew Perry's mid-century-modern home in the Hollywood Hills.Read More

Too Late - Flintstone House Sold!

It took two years but the Flintstone House in Hillsborough, California has sold for $2.8 million.Read More

Florida's Billion Dollar Condo Stretch!

In the 1960s, Sunny Isles Beach was the home of family-friendly motels with mermaid and pirate themes. Today, it is home...Read More

America's Oldest Houses!

Architectural Digest has a look at 18 of America's oldest homes from the 1600s to 1800s.Read More

Elvis's Doctor's House For Sale!

The Memphis home for Elvis Presley's physician, Dr George Nichopoulos, is for sale asking $449,000. According to the lis...Read More

Renters Thwarted by Rising Housing Prices!

Even with low interest rates, many renters are reluctant to look for a house due to the high prices.Read More

Good Condo Deals in Atlantic City!

With the closing of several of its casinos, some of the East Coast's best condo deals are in Atlantic City, New Jersey. ...Read More

Lil Wayne's Lucky House Sale Day!

Lil Wayne was finally able to sell his Miami Beach mansion with rooftop skate park and shark lagoon after two years on t...Read More

Top 10 Crummy U.S. Cities!

According to USA Today, the worst U.S. cities over 65,000 population for crime, housing and employment include the usual...Read More

Top 10 Affordable Beach Towns!

According to, America's most affordable beach town is Atlantic City, New Jersey where the median home price ...Read More

New York Apartments Claim to be Paparazzi Proof!

Tribeca's 443 Greenwich in New York City is expensive with a penthouse that is for sale at $55 million. It is attracti...Read More

$640K for a Parking Spot!

A parking spot in Hong Kong recently sold for $664,000.Read More

The Ultimate Cat House!

An Arizona home takes cat loving to a new level. Virtually every square inch of the home is covered in cat-themed pictur...Read More

Celebrities Are Selling!

From New York City to Southern California, celebrities including Christie Brinkley, Tyra Banks and Ellen DeGeneres are t...Read More

Bob Dylan's New York Townhouse!

Bob Dylan's longtime Harlem home designed in the late 1800s by the famous McKim, Mead & White architectural firm is for ...Read More

Wonders of the World!

Atlas Obscura has a look at some of the world's most fascinating buildings including several from Mad King Ludwig.Read More

Rosie Cuts Palm Beach Price!

Rosie O'Donnell has reduced the price of her Palm Beach County, Florida home to $5.75 million. One of her neighbors a fe...Read More

Live Like a Rockefeller For $32.5 Million!

The Upper East Side mansion where David Rockefeller lived for almost 70 years is for sale at $32.5 million. The former C...Read More

Bon Jovi's NYC Apartment $17.25 Million!

Rocker Bon Jovi is selling his New York City apartment asking $17.25 million. He sold another New York apartment two yea...Read More

Tammy Wynette's Florida Beach House!

The Jupiter, Florida beach home that Tammy Wynette owned from 1976 to 1981 is for sale at $7 million.Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright Sesquicentennial!

It's Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday, and HGTV features five of his homes now or recently for sale.Read More

The Best of Frank Lloyd Wright!

It's Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday. has a look at five of his best works including Fallingwater.Read More

Sting's Central Park Penthouse!

Legendary musician and songwriter Sting has listed his plush Manhattan Central Park duplex penthouse at $56 million.Read More

Photos of Obama's New Mansion!

LLNYC has photos from the interior of the Washington D.C. home that Barack and Michelle Obama recently purchased.Read More

NYC Billionaire Condo Bust!

An owner at One57, New York City's newest building for the world's billionaires, paid $21.4 million and may lose the con...Read More

Obamas Buy Their Washington Rental!

The Washington D.C. home that Barack and Michelle Obama were renting after moving out of the White House in January is n...Read More

The Man Who Invented Miami Beach!

Carl Fisher came from Indiana to South Florida in the early 1900s, looked at the strip of desolate sand on the Atlantic ...Read More

Spiderman Movie Condo!

A New York penthouse with Gothic touches that several movies have used for locations is for sale. 'Spiderman,' 'Scarfac...Read More

A New House For Katy Perry!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Katy Perry just purchased a Los Angeles traditional home for $17.995 million. Katy h...Read More

Race for NASCAR Mansion!

The longtime Daytona Beach home of NASCAR CEO Bill France Jr is going to auction. The 17,171-square foot home on the Hal...Read More

America's Top 10 Beaches!

In his annual Memorial Day summer kickoff, Dr. Beach has named his Top 10 U.S. beaches for 2017. Florida leads the list ...Read More

President Trump's Caribbean Island Estate!

According to the real estate website LLNYC, a St Martin island estate that Donald Trump purchased in 2013 is for sale.Read More

Harry Houdini's Pool Practice Mansion!

A 1912 Connecticut home with a long list of famous owners including Harry Houdini's brother is for sale. According to 6s...Read More

Canadians #1 International Buyer of U.S. Housing!

According to the National Realtors Association, Canadians are by far the largest international buyers of U.S. homes. Ca...Read More

Tour Angelina Jolie's New Mansion!

The Washington Post has a tour of the Cecil B. DeMille Los Angeles mansion that Angelina Joli recently purchased. DeMill...Read More

Diane Keaton is a House Flipper!

In addition to her accomplishments as an actress, author, well-known for her photography, mother of two adopted childre...Read More

New Orleans Orphanage & Anne Rice Home!

An 1885 New Orleans orphanage that later became the home of vampire-writer Anne Rice was converted to upscale condos in ...Read More

Robert Redford's New York Apartment!

The Manhattan apartment where Robert Redford lived in the 1980s is for sale at $1.35 million.Read More

Fashion Leaders Trying To Sell NYC Penthouses!

Several of the fashion world's biggest names are having a hard time selling their very expensive New York apartments.Read More

Unites States Has Castles Too!

The United States has castle and historic homes including the Biltmore Estate built by George Washington Vanderbilt in 1...Read More

Zillow Sued Over Zestimate Tool!

A Chicago home owner, who is also a real estate attorney, has sued Zillow over its home value estimating toll, Zestimate...Read More

New Housing Starts Stagnant!

New home construction fell in April to its lowest pace since November. While single-family home starts were up a bit, mu...Read More

U.S. Housing Prices Continue to Surge!

With a shortage of available inventory, housing prices continue to go higher.Read More

Kardashian TV House!

A Southern California home modeled after an Italian castle that has served as the fictitious home for several television...Read More

Celine Dion's Water Park Compound Sold!

After being placed on the market almost four years ago, the Florida water park home built by Celine Dion and her late hu...Read More

Big Bucks for Big Views!

According to a report from, homes with a view sell for 33% to as much as 210% more than without a view.Read More

Marilyn Monroe's Dream House!

She was one of the world's biggest movie stars but owned only one house in her own name during her 36-year lifetime. Sh...Read More

Housing Prices Still Below Peak!

U.S. home prices that skyrocketed between 2000 and 2005 only to crash starting in 2007 have reached their peak levels in...Read More

Hepburn's Classic Connecticut House!

Katharine Hepburn was born in 1907 in Hartford, Connecticut. The family's nearby home, where Katharine died in 2003, is ...Read More

World's Tallest House Going to Auction!

Billed as the world's tallest house, an Arizona home built in 1994 by a Phoenix architect is going to auction.Read More

Esquire Bachelor Pad Finally Sells!

It took a few years but the Brooklyn apartment that Esquire magazine created in 2011 as their ultimate bachelor pad has ...Read More

Million Dollar Listings With Big Surprises!

Some of America's most expensive homes come with something a little extra. Such as a hidden speakeasy, a giant guitar fr...Read More

Coastal Living Best Beach Towns!

Coastal Living picks their favorite towns.Read More

Shoplift Stopper's Mansion!

One of the prettiest homes on today's market is a Connecticut mansion built for the inventor of the shoplift tag.Read More

Diane Keaton Buys & Sells Houses!

Diane Keaton is one of a number of celebrities who buy and sell homes as a hobby. One of her former homes is for sale at...Read More

Vidal Sassoon's Ohio Contemporary!

Vidal Sassoon was a fan of modern architecture and owned one of Cincinnati's most contemporary homes. His hair-style lin...Read More

Obama Townhouse For Sale!

The New York townhouse where Barack Obama lived with his girlfriend in the 1980s is for sale. Obama and his girlfriend w...Read More

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