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Greta Garbo Vacation Villa For Sale!

An island home in Sweden where Greta Garbo spent summer vacations in the 1930s is for sale at $3.9 million. The seaside ...Read More

Top 10 Hamptons Deals 2017!

The ten most expensive home sales in the Hamptons in 2017 all sold over $20 million. In the top spot was a 2,500-square-...Read More

Crazy Canadian Condo Prices!

During the U.S. real estate crash, Canada home prices barely missed a beat continuing to climb almost every year. While ...Read More

Clint Eastwood's 'Play Misty House' For Sale!

Though most of Clint Eastwood's film 'Play Misty For Me' was shot in Monterey, California, the final scene, the one that...Read More

Long Island Gardens of Eden!

A look at Long Island's early development and homes from Robert MacKay.Read More

President Trump's Booming Real Estate Career!

According to 'USA Today,' President Trump's companies sold over $35 million in real estate last year - mostly to secreti...Read More

Miami Beach Founder's Mansion Auction!

Carl G. Fisher was an Indiana promoter and entrepreneur who was responsible for much of the development of Miami Beach i...Read More

Housing Equity At All-Time High!

Much of America has recovered from the real estate crash such that home owners' equity hit an all-time high at the end o...Read More

Big Boy Hamburger House!

First opened in 1936 in Glendale, California as Bob's Pantry, millennials are probably not aware that the Big Boy drive-...Read More

Top 10 Florida Beaches!

As snowbirds head to Florida to escape the freezing northern U.S. and Canada, Coastal Living has a look at the best Flor...Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright's Last House!

Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 1,000 buildings in a career that spanned over 70 years. His final design, the Norman Ly...Read More

America's Safest House!

An Atlanta home for sale at $14.7 million is being advertised as one of the safest homes in the United States. The 36,00...Read More

Barbara Corcoran's Real Estate Career!

Before she was a 'Shark Tank' star, Barbara Corcoran parlayed a gift of gab and grit into one of New York's most success...Read More

World's Most Expensive House!

Chaeau Louis XIV in Louveciennes, France was the most expensive home in the world for sale in 2015 at $300 million. Acco...Read More

LeBron's New LA Mansion!

LeBron James has purchased a $23 million gated home in the upscale Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Features inclu...Read More

The Real World House For Sale!

A San Francisco home that starred in MTV's 'The Real World' in the 1990s has been for sale since August at $6.99 million...Read More

It's a Deal - Bitcoins for Condos!

A Miami two-bedroom condo recently sold for 17.741 Bitcoin - worth about $275,000. The purchase was made by Ivan Pacheco...Read More

Chicago Chewing Gum Mansion Sold!

The longtime Chicago home of William Wrigley, founder of the Wrigley chewing gum fortune, has sold after several years o...Read More

Lenny Kravitz the Designer!

Well known for his song writing and guitar skills, Lenny Kravitz is also an accomplished interior designer including Par...Read More

Ponzi Mansion For Sale!

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently charged Robert Shapiro, CEO of Woodridge Group, of running a $1.2 b...Read More

Top 10 Celebrity Homes in 2017!

Throughout 2017, many of the world's superstars tried to sell their glamorous mansions and compounds. From Beverly Hills...Read More

Florida Adding 900 People Per Day!

Florida added over 387,000 people in the past year - about 900 per day. It trails only Texas in number of new residents,...Read More

Ugly Celebrity Houses! has the photos for celebrities with ugly homes, including John Travolta, Martha Stewart and Britney Spear...Read More

Rick Pitino Asks $24 Million for Miami Beach Estate!

Former University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is asking $23.9 million for a 12,000-square-foot home in Mi...Read More

Jay Leno's Newport Mansion!

Jay Leno doesn't seem to be hurting for money after losing his 'Tonight Show' host job in 2014. Jay recently purchased o...Read More

Grey Gardens Gets New Owner!

One of the Hamptons most famous homes once belonged to relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis who left the home fall into d...Read More

Justin Bieber's Water Falling Vacation!

Justin Bieber has a nice lifestyle and a long history of renting some of the world's best vacation houses. One of his fa...Read More

Farmhouse Linked to Mrs. Lincoln & Richard Gere!

A New York home that was once owned by a nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln and also starred in the 2001 film, 'Unfaithful' wit...Read More

Judy Garland's Beach House!

In 1947, a few years after rocketing to fame as Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz' and introducing one of the world's favorit...Read More

T. Boone's $250 Million Ranch!

T. Boone Pickens spent years making his Texas ranch one of the world's most valuable properties. The oilman and corporat...Read More

Kristen Wiig Buys Case Study House #10!

At the end of World War II, 'Art & Architecture' magazine commissioned a series of 36 homes to address the housing short...Read More

Good News for Cheap Houses!

Since the housing crash ended, prices have recovered in most parts of the United States, now almost 6 percent over the p...Read More

Celebrities Stuck With Their Mansions!

Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his 56,000-square-foot Chicagoland home since early 2012. It started out at $29 m...Read More

Vanna White's Former Vineyard Mansion!

The Beverly Hills home that Vanna White and her former husband, George Santo Pietro, lived from the early 1990s until 20...Read More

Johnny Depp's LA Penthouses Sold!

Beginning in 2007, Johnny Depp bought five multi-storied, side-by-side Los Angeles penthouse apartments over a period of...Read More

Zsa Zsa's Sister's House For Sale!

The oldest of the three glamorous Gabor sisters, Magda Gabor, was married six times including once to George Sanders who...Read More

Michael Jackson 1990's Rental!

A New York Upper East Side home that Michael Jackson rented in the 1990s and also has ties to Marc Chagall and the movie...Read More

Built By Ship Carpenters in the Hamptons!

A Hamptons oceanfront home from 1877 with 330 feet of oceanfront is for sale at $55 million. Built by ship carpenters...Read More

Florida Guitar-Shaped Hotel!

A 600-room, guitar-shaped hotel is under construction in Hollywood, Florida at the Hard Rock Casino. The 450-foot-tall h...Read More

No Trump Bump In Housing!

Although the U.S. stock market has done well since Donald Trump became president, the housing market has not performed n...Read More

Simon Chooses Malibu!

According to multiple media reports, Simon Cowell is finalizing details on the purchase of a Malibu home for about $25 m...Read More

Ellen Drops Santa Barbara Price!

Ellen DeGeneres can fall back on her long house flipping career if she ever loses her television job. She is by far the ...Read More

Dakota Owners Look To Past!

Two owner neighbors at the Dakota in New York have teamed up to potentially sell their individual apartments as one unit...Read More

Adam Levine Cleaning House!

Adam Levine has listed two Los Angeles homes for sale and recently sold his New York home. A five bedroom home in Holmby...Read More

Saturday Night Fever In Brooklyn!

The Brooklyn house that was John Travolta's family home in the 1970's movie 'Saturday Night Fever' is for sale at $2.498...Read More

President Obama's Vacation Beach House!

President Obama and family took two vacations a year - one at Christmas in Hawaii and an end-of-summer family vacation o...Read More

Gerald Butler's Medieval Apartment!

Gerald Butler owns one of New York's most eclectic apartments. Described by the listing agent as 'a highly customized mo...Read More

Rental Rates Level Off!

Many areas of the U.S. have seen significantly higher rental rates as the lack of homes for sale and higher prices have ...Read More

From $150,000 to $6.9 Million Since 1976!

A Malibu Beach home that actor Robert Colbert bought in 1976 for $150,000 is for sale at $6.9 million. Colbert appeared...Read More

Matt Lauer's Vast Real Estate Collection!

Matt Lauer may have lost his 'Today' show gig but he has a lot of valuable New York real estate holdings he can fall bac...Read More

Springsteen's Jersey House For Sale!

The Freehold, New Jersey home where Bruce Springsteen lived for much of his childhood is for sale. Asking $269,900 in a ...Read More

SoCal Mega-Mansion Price Drops!

Several of Southern California's most expensive homes have taken price cuts. A Bel Air home that came on the market in t...Read More

Rosie Selling Six Houses!

Rosie O'Donnell owns five homes on New York's Hudson River that she is trying to sell all of them at prices ranging from...Read More

Best Housing News Best Since 2007!

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, Americans were buying new homes in October at the fastest rate since 2007, an...Read More

Texas $100 Million Mansion Auction!

One of the largest estates in Texas is going to auction on December 19th. Walnut Place was commissioned by Italian Count...Read More

Rand Paul's House Wars!

While some people are spinning Rand Paul's dispute with his Kentucky neighbor as a political squabble, others point to a...Read More

George Strait's House Has 14 Fireplaces!

George Strait is selling his San Antonio mansion with 14 fireplaces but the price is a secret. The nearly 8,000-square-f...Read More

America's Food Mansions!

Some of America's best mansions were funded by our stomachs. On the market or recently for sale include the 14,467-squar...Read More

Good October Housing Sales!

Acccording to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. existing home sales increased 2 percent in October to a seasona...Read More

Hong Kong's Crazy Parking Prices!

The prices of parking spots in Hong Kong are going up even faster than the city's pricey residential real estate. Some p...Read More

Eva Longoria's Hollywood Hills House!

Eva Longoria is selling her home in the Hollywood Hills that she bought in 2015 from Tom Cruise for $11.4 million. Eva ...Read More

Fleetwood Mac In Hawaii!

John McVie, one of Fleetwood Mac's early band members, is selling his Hawaii home asking $6.2 million. The home is almos...Read More

Deion Sanders' Prosper Mansion!

A 29,000-square-foot Texas mansion with a basketball court and bowling alley that Deion Sanders owned until 2014 is goin...Read More

Frank Lloyd Wright Screw Ups!

Philip Johnson referred to his 1949 Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut as a 'four-bucket' house because it had so ma...Read More

Cheap Mansions In Indy!

Indianapolis is known as the 'Crossroads of America' located in central Indiana with four major highways connecting to t...Read More

Zaha Hadid's Spectacular Buildings!

A look at 11 of Zaha Hadid's most striking building designs including an opera house in China, an aquatics center in Lon...Read More

Richard Gere 'Unfaithful' House For Sale!

A New York farmhouse seen in the movie 'Unfaithful' is for sale at $2.395 million. The 2001 film, starring Richard Gere ...Read More

Tom Petty's $5.9 Million Lake House!

Recently deceased Rock and Roll superstar Tom Petty's lake house near Malibu is for sale.Read More

Internationals Over 20% of Florida Residential Sales!

Internationals accounted for 21% of Florida's residential dollar volume of sales for the 12-month period of August 2016 ...Read More

Single-Family Housing Rentals Surging!

For a number of reasons, more millennials and boomers are opting to rent single-family homes.Read More

U.S. Towns Named After Food!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Turkey, Texas; Pie Town, New Mexico and Popcorn, Indiana are U.S. towns that might make y...Read More

Where the Presidents Live & Vacation! has details on homes that our presidents have lived, partied and vacationed from President Washington to ...Read More

Housing Sales Are Booming!

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, home sales are at their fastest rate in 30 years. In so...Read More

Ritzy Naples Florida Real Estate!

One of Florida's most popular resort towns is Naples. The southern-most city on Florida's west coast offers world-class ...Read More

Top 10 Housing Appreciation Towns!

Home prices are increasing at a higher percentage range in Midwest towns such as Omaha, Fort Wayne Columbus and Grand Ra...Read More

Richard Nixon's Western White House!

The Washington Post has the scoop on Richard Nixon's Western White House now for sale.Read More

Happiest Cities In the U.S.!

According to National Geographic, Boulder, Colorado is the happiest city in the U.S. while cities in West Virginia, Arka...Read More

Housing Prices Across United States!

Home prices in the U.S. are the most expensive in New York City and the cheapest are in Detroit. The Real Deal has a loo...Read More

World's Most Expensive House!

The world's most expensive house is in the South of France at $410 million. Bloomberg has photos.Read More

Amazon Pre-Fabs From $3,400!

Online retailer Amazon will deliver a pre-fabricated home for as low as $3,400 - lot not included.Read More

Battery Operated Houses Coming Soon!

Some developers are planning to switch the electric cords on their new homes replacing them with batteries.Read More

Who needs Florida?

According to USA Today, many people approaching retirement age plan to stay where they are.Read More

Top 10 Haunted Houses For Sale!

Looking for a new home that is a bit different than the two-story colonial with a white picket fence, two-car garage, po...Read More

White House Halloween Treats!

The White House is going all out this year for Halloween with creepy decorations and candy for the kids.Read More

Hollywood Halloween Celebrity Costumes!

Hollywood celebrities are in costume including Kim Kardashian as Cher and Demi Lovato as Selena.Read More

Lizzie Borden & More!

MSN has a look at actual haunted homes for sale. Most of the homes are rather nice selling at expensive prices including...Read More

HGTV's Haunted Houses!

HGTV has rounded up 12 haunted hotels and homes including the Amityville Horror Home.Read More

Buying a Haunted House!

Would you buy a haunted house? According to a survey by, 33% out of 1,000 people said they would!Read More

Halloween Is Fake News!

Most of the Halloween stories are not true. From poisoned candy to tortured black cats and the devil's holiday, most of ...Read More

Real Haunted Houses For Sale!

Tales of grisly murders surround the old place and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the facade of the cree...Read More

Best Trick Or Treat Towns!

According to a study by Zillow, San Francisco is the best U.S. city for Halloween candy gathering. Results are based on ...Read More

Scariest Haunted House Attractions!

Haute Residences has a look at five of the best haunted house attractions.Read More

America's 50 Worst Cities!

American cities with low home values, high poverty rates and low graduation rates make up America's 50 worst towns.Read More

America's Hottest Zip Codes!

According to, America's fastest home selling zip codes are in Texas, Michigan, California and Colorado.Read More

Hoosier Town Named Best In USA!

In an extensive analysis of data including household income, home prices and crime rates, an Indianapolis suburban town ...Read More

Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills!

In the middle of the Depression in 1934, Hilda Weber paid $100,000 for the land that would become Casa Encantada, one of...Read More

Detroit Bishop Mansion Sets Record!

A Detroit mansion that was funded by the automotive Fisher Brothers in the 1920s for the Bishop of Detroit set a record ...Read More

Johnny Depp's Kentucky Horse Farm!

Johnny Depp has been selling off some of his vast real estate holdings. He recently turned down a bid for his Kentucky h...Read More

Sting Sells Central Park Apartment!

Sting was asking $56 million for his two-floor apartment with Central Park views.Read More

Celebrities Have Fab Houses!

Insider Monkey rounds up the best celebrity homes for sale.Read More

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