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Johnny Depp's Kentucky Horse Farm!

Johnny Depp has been selling off some of his vast real estate holdings. He recently turned down a bid for his Kentucky h...Read More

Sting Sells Central Park Apartment!

Sting was asking $56 million for his two-floor apartment with Central Park views.Read More

Celebrities Have Fab Houses!

Insider Monkey rounds up the best celebrity homes for sale.Read More

Porsche Design Tower Flippers!

Many of the buyers at the ultra-luxury Porsche Design Tower near Miami Beach, where owners can take their car up an elev...Read More

College Dorm or Condo - Which Is Best?

According to the Real Deal, it sometimes makes more sense to buy a condo than rent a dorm room.Read More

Johnny Carson's Malibu Cliff House!

Johnny Carson's longtime Malibu Beach home is for sale at $81.5 million.Read More

Florida Is Open For Tourists!

Although Hurricane Irma was a huge storm, the first direct hit on Florida since 2005, most of the state had moderate dam...Read More

Australia's Zego House!

The new LEGO House just opened in Denmark constructed from giant LEGO-like bricks. Something similar called Zego bricks ...Read More

Soul Train House!

The home of 'Soul Train' creator, Don Cornelius, is for sale in Los Angeles. Cornelius purchased the home in 2009 and d...Read More

Picasso's French Riviera House!

Pablo Picasso and his wife, Jacqueline Roque, lived in an antique French country house privately ensconced within eight ...Read More

'Exorcist' Creator's House!

The former home of William Peter Blatty in Bethesda, Maryland is for sale at $3,195 million. The home was built in 1988 ...Read More

Trump's Old Palm Beach Lot Sold By Russian!

A Palm Beach mansion that Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought from Donald Trump in 2008 for $95 million was dem...Read More

Future of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion!

The death of Hugh Hefner at age 91 marks a new start for the Playboy Mansion - one of the world's most famous homes. The...Read More

Elvis's House & Pink Cadillac Auction!

According to a Tupelo news report, a home where Elvis Presley lived as a child is going to auction on November 11. Other...Read More

Nixon's Western White House For Sale!

Richard Nixon's former California Western White House is for sale, priced at $63.5 million.Read More

Katy Perry's Hollywood Hills Mansion!

Katy Perry has put her Hollywood Hills home on the market asking $9.5 million. Katy purchased an $18 million home in Bev...Read More

Top 10 U.S. Cities To Retire!

According to Business Insider, Sarasota, Florida is the best city in the United States for retirees. Cities in Florida, ...Read More

Hef's Death Good News For Playboy Mansion!

With Hugh Hefner's death, the new owner of the Playboy Mansion has a number of options and perhaps an increase in the ho...Read More

U.S. Housing Sales Stall!

According to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. home sales have declined due primarily to higher prices and low ...Read More

America's Top 10 Small Towns!

According to Money magazine, America's best small town is Fishers, Indiana followed by Allen, Texas and Monterey Park, C...Read More

Where New Jersey Celebrities Grew Up!

From Bruce Springsteen to Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and Martha Stewart, a look at the childhood homes of New Jersey ...Read More

Rockefeller Family Farm!

David Rockefeller's 75-acre Hudson Pines Farm in Connecticut, which includes 11 bedrooms and a barn where he kept his ex...Read More

America's Most Fun Cities!

According to WalletHub, the best city in the U.S. for fun is Las Vegas followed by Orlando, New York, Miami and Portland...Read More

Million-Dollar Green Bay Packers House!

A very average home in Green Bay is for sale at $1 million because it backs up to the Green Bay Packers stadium.Read More

Seth Meyers' New York Apartment!

Seth Meyers is asking $4.5 million for his West Village two-bedroom apartment.Read More

Boston's $350K Parking Space!

A Boston parking garage is asking $350,000 for one parking space.Read More

Floyd Mayweather's New Mansion!

Floyd Mayweather just spent a large chunk of his boxing money on a Beverly Hills mansion.Read More

The Great Gatsby Mansion!

A Long Island Mansion is rumored to have been the inspiration for 'The Great Gatsby,' even though the home was built in...Read More

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs' Cottage For Sale!

A Washington home built as a replica of the Snow White & Seven Dwarfs' cottage is for sale at $775,000.Read More

Matt Damon's New Brooklyn Condo!

According to the Real Deal, Matt Damon is looking at a Brooklyn condo that would be the most expensive sale in the city'...Read More

Texas Artist Steel House!

A Texas artist began working on an unusual home design in 1973 that includes 150 tons of hand-welded steel, but he died ...Read More

Depp's Kentucky Horse Farm Auction!

'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor Johnny Depp has extensive real estate holdings in Europe, the Caribbean and the United ...Read More

Oat Meal, Texas & Hot Coffee, Mississippi!

Ding Dong, Texas and Goobertown, Alaska are actual U.S. town names. Trulia has the story of six towns with strange names...Read More

Trump Mansions Targeted By Hurricane Irma!

President Donald Trump's Caribbean mansion with nine bedrooms on the island of St Martin is currently for sale at $16.9 ...Read More

Indiana's Architectural Gems!

Columbus, Indiana is a small town about 50 miles south of Indianapolis and 90 miles west of Cincinnati. Since the 1950s,...Read More

America's Prettiest Campuses!

Curbed has a look at some of the best campus buildings in the U.S. including Oberlin College in northern Ohio and Bard C...Read More

Cincinnati Mushroom House!

An Ohio home has been transformed into a cartoon structure that locals call the Mushroom House.Read More

Best House Flipping Towns!

According to WalletHub, the best city to flip a house is El Paso, Texas while the worst is Oakland, California. Their an...Read More

Tour a Rockefeller Summer Home!

In 1972, David Rockefeller's wife, Peggy Rockefeller, designed their vacation home on one of Maine's most beautiful site...Read More

Harriet Beecher Stowe House For Sale!

Harriet Beecher Stowe was born and lived in Litchfield, Connecticut until she was 14 years old. Her former home was disa...Read More

Picasso's French Riviera Estate Auction!

The French Riviera home where Picasso lived and worked from 1961 until his death in 1963 is going to auction. The starti...Read More

Carrie Fisher's Unusual House!

Carrie Fisher owned an eclectic home that is jam packed with unusual and collectible items. Many are soon going to aucti...Read More

Mel Gibson's Jungle Estate For Sale!

While scouting locations for his 2006 film 'Apocalypto,' Mel Gibson found a 403-acre beachfront estate on Costa Rica's N...Read More

Rent Dr. Oz's Beach House!

Dr. Oz is asking $95,000 per month for seasonal rental of his Palm Beach oceanfront mansion.Read More

Win HGTV's Urban Oasis Prize!

HGTV is giving away a $600,000 home in Tennessee.Read More

Jay-Z/Beyonce's New LA Pad!

After countless rumors tying their names to almost every super expensive home for sale in Southern California, Jay-Z and...Read More

America's Prettiest Main Streets!

Architectural Digest picks America's prettiest small town main streets.Read More

Rihanna's new Hollywood Mansion!

LLNYC has photos of Rihanna's new West Hollywood mansion. She paid $6.8 million for the six-bedroom home.Read More

Miami Mansions for Bitcoins!

A Miami home seller is asking $6.4 million for his mansion, payable in cash or Bitcoins.Read More

Mark Twin Family Farmhouse!

The Connecticut farm that Mark Twain bought for his daughter Jean, next door to his own Stormfield farm, is for sale at ...Read More

Living In a Tiny House!

Samantha Roberts plans on moving from a 2,300-square-foot home to a brand new home with just 336 square feet plus four o...Read More

Selling a Frank Lloyd Wright House!

Although he is America's most famous architect who designed some of the world's most famous buildings including Fallingw...Read More

Henry Ford's Hamptons Vacation Mansion!

Henry Ford's Hamptons vacation mansion is for sale. The 1960 home is the most expensive listing in the Hamptons at $175 ...Read More

Twenty Really Big Mansions!

Architectural Digest rounds up 20 of the biggest homes in the United States that are currently for sale, including a 56,...Read More

Top Ten $10 Million Houses!

CBS rounded up $10 million-dollar homes for sale in ten U.S. cities.Read More

Crazy Houses In Indiana!

What were they thinking when someone designed this home in Indianapolis? Curbed has the crazy photos.Read More

Marilyn Monroe Wedding House For Sale!

The New York lake home where Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were married in 1956 is for sale at $1.675 million.Read More

Barack Obama's Decorator!

A Newport Beach house, for sale at $6.35 million, features spectacular ocean, sand and dunes views. The home's interior ...Read More

Cool Island Dwellings!

A spectacular Catalina Island home is for sale. William Wrigley, Jr., the chewing gum czar, developed the island in the...Read More

World's Top 10 Livable Cities!

According to the Economist, Australia and Canada dominate the list of the world's most livable towns with Melbourne comi...Read More

Miley's New Farmhouse!

Miley Cyrus is joining the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Celebrities who have owned lots of ...Read More

Eclipse View Mansion!

One of the best places to see the solar eclipse is a mansion in Michigan with a two-story domed observatory that rotates...Read More

Top 10 Glass Houses!

Dwell and Zillow have a look at 10 unique glass homes including Philip Johnson's Connecticut contemporary and Olson Kund...Read More

Eminem's Wild Game Room!

Eminem is trying to sell his Detroit-area home for $2 million. He paid $4.8 million for the home in 2003. One of the hom...Read More

Former Tony Curtis and Sonny & Cher Mansion!

One of Hollywood's most historic and expensive mansions, former home to Tony Curtis and Sonny & Cher and love nest for M...Read More

Chumlee's Las Vegas House For Sale!

'Pawn Stars' Chumlee may seem a bit dense but he could be reeling in a handsome profit from the home he bought in Las Ve...Read More

Beverly Hillbillies Mansion For Sale!

The Southern California mansion that was used as the exterior scenes for the Clampett home in the classic 1960's TV show...Read More

Cold Housing Prices In Alaska!

According to, home prices have increased in every state since 2016 except for Alaska.Read More

Trouble In San Francisco!

A pair of San Francisco real estate investors stumbled on quite a deal. A street in San Francisco's Presidio Terrace wit...Read More

World's Top 25 City Skylines!

According to a recent analysis based mostly on the height and number of buildings at least 40 floors, Hong Kong has the ...Read More

World's Most Beautiful House!

The winner of HGTV's 2017 Ultimate House Hunt chosen from over a million voting fans is a beach house in the Turks and C...Read More

America's Cheapest Beach Towns!

Although it might be the same Atlantic Ocean, an oceanfront home or condo is a lot cheaper in some beach towns including...Read More

World's Tallest House Fails At Auction!

The world's tallest home, located in Prescott, Arizona, is having some difficulty selling. After several years on the ma...Read More

Florida Prices Up 67 Months In Row!

The median price for Florida single-family and condos has increased for 67 consecutive months. Single-family prices are...Read More

Internationals Buying U.S. Real Estate!

Foreign purchases of U.S. homes have increased over 32 percent since early 2016. Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico showe...Read More

Jimmy Carter Deep-Sixed the Presidential Yacht!

The USS Sequoia served as the presidential yacht from 1925 until President Jimmy Carter decided it was an extravagance.Read More

O.J.'s Florida House For Sale!

The Miami home that O.J. Simpson owned when he was convicted of armed robbery in 2008 is for sale at $1.3 million. O.J. ...Read More

Weird Mannequin House For Sale!

A sale listing for a Texas home has an abundance of mannequins posing and even hanging from the ceiling.Read More

'Play Misty For Me' Movie House For Sale!

Though most of Clint Eastwood's 'Play Misty For Me' was shot in Monterey, California, the final scene, the one that most...Read More

Fashion Designers Strut Condo Catwalk!

Several of the world's top fashion designers are involved in South Florida's trendiest new condo developments.Read More

Top 10 Versace Mansion Secrets!

Starting with the 24-karat gold tiles in the mansion's swimming pool, secret passageways and ties to Christopher Columbu...Read More

Singapore's $100 Million Penthouse!

A new, three-story penthouse in Singapore is projected to hit the market at about $100 million (about $78 million USD). ...Read More

Brooklyn Mansion Has Ties To Crime Family!

One of Brooklyn's most expensive homes, now for sale at $18 million, was built by an associate of the Colombo crime fami...Read More

Celebrities Are Selling!

Urban Daddy has a look at seven celebrity homes currently for sale.Read More

Big Pink House For Sale!

A shockingly pink house in Bradenton, Florida is on the auction block. The colorful 1931 home is on the Manatee River.Read More

Southern California Time Capsule House!

A Southern California home that was designed with the most modern design ideas of its time when it was built in 1957 is ...Read More

Someone Turn the Lights Out!

Taylor Swift spends over $2,000 a month on her Beverly Hills home's utility bills while former boyfriend Harry Styles ge...Read More

Celebrities Who Buy From Other Celebrities!

Ryan Seacrist bought Ellen DeGeneres's Beverly Hills home and Jerry Seinfeld grabbed Billy Joel's Long Island home. Many...Read More

Destin's Perfect Beach Sand!

The soft, white sand that makes Destin one of Florida's most popular beaches got its start in the Appalachian Mountains.Read More

You Dirty Rat: Martha's Vineyard Farm!

James Cagney's longtime summer home on Martha's Vineyard is for sale at $13.5 million. The current owner is You Dirty Ra...Read More

Beverly Hills Celebrity Mansion!

A Beverly Hills home that once belonged to Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor and Mia Farrow is for sale.Read More

Top 10 U.S. Lake Towns! has picked the best U.S. lake towns based on things to do and price appreciation. Their #1 pick is in Chelan...Read More

American Express Rents Grey Gardens!

Grey Gardens was the dilapidated Hamptons home of Jackie Kennedy's eccentric aunt and cousin that was made into an award...Read More

Best Towns To Buy a Vacation House!

According to a company that specializes in real estate information, the best towns to buy a vacation home are in Florida...Read More

Miami's New Aston Martin Condos!

An Argentinian grocery store king is developing a new condo project in Miami that incorporates features from Aston Marti...Read More

Dean Martin's Rat Pack Pad!

Dean Martin's Beverly Hills home where he lived from 1988 until his death in 1995 has been completely remodeled and is f...Read More

Florida's Million Dollar Zip Codes!

Florida home prices have increased 65 consecutive months. In three zip codes, the median home price is now over $1 milli...Read More

Small Town Millionaires!

The city with the largest percentage of millionaires is not in Southern California, New York or Connecticut. It is June...Read More

Jay Z & Beyonce Twin Babies Crib!

According to the Daily Mail, Jay Z & Beyonce are renting a Malibu compound at $400,000 a month for their new family.Read More

Top 10 Retirement States!

Based on factors such as weather, health care, taxes, cost of living and crime, picks New Hampshire as the ...Read More

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