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Prince Albert Buys Mom's Philly Home!

The big celebrity event of 1956 was the marriage of Grace Kelly to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Grace grew up in Phila...Read More

Brad & Angelina Home News!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are selling their 1,200-acre home/vineyard in Correns, France. It is the home they bought in ...Read More

The Clooneys' New Apartment!

George and Amal Clooney are buying an apartment in Midtown Manhattan, near the United Nations. The building is under con...Read More

Cities Too Expensive To Buy a Home!

While home prices have increased tremendously in some American cities making a home purchase out of reach for many peopl...Read More

Robin Williams Movie Home For Sale!

The San Francisco home that was seen in the Robin Williams movie Mrs Doubtfire is for sale at $4.5 million. The Victoria...Read More

Grace Kelly's Home Sold!

The Philadelphia childhood home of Grace Kelly, where the Prince of Monaco asked her to marry, has sold for $775,000 - r...Read More

America's Most Expensive Vacation Rentals!

Homeaway lists the most expensive home rentals in each state. Prices range from $400 a night for a six bedroom home in I...Read More

Your Very Own Nuclear Plant!

The Bellefonte nuclear power plant in northern Alabama is up for auction. Construction on the electricity-producing plan...Read More

Sarah Palin Sells Mansion Quick Profit!

Sarah Palin made a lot of money in just a few years selling for $2.275 million the Arizona mansion she bought in 2011 fo...Read More

Gaga Buys Zappa Home!

According to Variety, Lady Gaga has purchased the longtime home of Frank Zappa. Zappa purchased the tudor-style home wi...Read More

Brangelina's Real Estate Empire!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are at the top of a long list of celebrity real estate collectors. Together and individuall...Read More

JFK Honeymoon Mansion For Sale!

The Beverly Hills mansion that was a honeymoon site for Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy and famous scenes from both The G...Read More

Top 10 USA Overlooked Buildings!

A train station in Cincinnati, a museum in Florida, an airport in Virginia and several New York City buildings made the ...Read More

Al Capone's Miami Beach Mansion!

The Miami Beach compound that Al Capone bought in 1928, used as an alibi for the 1929 Saint Valentines Day Massacre, and...Read More

New Apartments Offer Death-Defying Pool!

An apartment building planned for Des Moines, Iowa includes a glass swimming pool that will jut out from the top floor g...Read More

Historic Connecticut Home Has Ties To CIA!

The Scoville Mansion in Salisbury, Connecticut has been in the same family for 150 years. In the late 1940s, Herbert Sco...Read More

$40 Million Georgia Mansion Sells 78% Discount!

A never-lived-in Georgia mansion with over 35,000 square feet and 17 bathrooms that cost $40 million to build just sold ...Read More

America's Best Real Estate Markets!

According to data compiled by WalletHub, the best cities to buy a home are in Texas. Based on economic factors in 300 U....Read More

Cheap Rent For Hef!

The Playboy Mansion sale has closed, sold for $100 million to Twinkies kingpin Darin Metropoulos. Included in the deal, ...Read More

Florida Condos For Cars!

A Miami developer has plans to build climate-controlled condos for cars that will range in price from $350,000 to over $...Read More

The Flying Saucer Home!

In the late 1960s and early 70s, about 100 flying saucer homes designed by a Finnish architect were manufactured. About ...Read More

Prince's Paisley Park Home Opening To Public!

If all goes as planned, the Minneapolis home where Prince lived and died will be open to the public for daily tours. Th...Read More

Tour Michael Phelps Home!

Michael Phelps has quite the home in Arizona, over 6,000 square feet, great pool and mountain views. has p...Read More

Good News For New Home Sales!

U.S. new home sales rose in July to their highest level since 2007, reaching an adjusted yearly rate of 654,000 units.Read More

Beach Boy Brian Wilson's Lake Home!

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson's vacation home is for sale on Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino National Forest, near Sa...Read More

America's Most Expensive Home!

America's most expensive home at $195 million was built in the 1940s for the Lambert pharmaceutical family on a barrier ...Read More

Big, Small & Spooky Governor Mansions!

The country's biggest governor's mansion is in Illinois and the smallest is in Delaware. Colorado's mansion has a beer t...Read More

$90 Million For White House!

According to several experts, the White House would fetch about $90 million on today's market but near $250 million if t...Read More

$1 Billion French Mansion!

A home on the French Riviera has come on the market asking €1 billion, about $1.1 billion USD. The 10-bedroom...Read More

Condo Crash Towns Flying High!

Some of the U.S. cities that fell the hardest in the 2008 - 2012 real estate crash are now making the largest gains in h...Read More

Florida Population Swells 1,000 Per Day!

Florida's population will have grown from 10 million in 1980 to 20.7 million by the end of 2016. It is now the third lar...Read More

Three Celebrity Homes For Sale!

According to, Celine Dion's Florida home, Jennifer Lopez's Southern California home and Cher's...Read More

Jordan or Pippen Chicagoland Home?

Both Michael Jordan's and Scottie Pippen's suburban Chicago homes are for sale. Both are big, expensive and come with an...Read More

A Weekend at Bernie's Lake Home!

Bernie Sanders just purchased a vacation home on Vermont's Lake Champlain for $575,000. The home sets on 1.13 acres with...Read More

Italian Castle Auction!

An Italian castle with over 35,500 square feet and 80 rooms that has been in the same family for almost 650 years is goi...Read More

Two Wal-Mart Ranches For Sale!

The daughter of Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton, has been trying to sell her two Texas ranches for almost a year without su...Read More

Palm Beach Post-Hutton Mansion!

The Palm Beach mansion that Marjorie Meriweather Post and stock-tycoon husband, E.F Hutton, built in 1921 has sold twic...Read More

The Leaning Tower of San Francisco!

Millenium Tower is San Francisco's premier residential building. Units sell in the multi-millions, home to celebrities s...Read More

Trump Mansion Going To Wrecking Ball!

The 61,744-square foot Palm Beach mansion that Donald Trump sold for a record-setting $95 million is going to be demolis...Read More

Home Prices At Record Levels!

According to the National Association of Realtors, median home prices in the United States have reached historic highs. ...Read More

Kathy Griffin's Bel Air Mansion!

Kathy Griffin is selling her California home asking $10.5 million. Architectural Digest has photos.Read More

South Florida Home Prices Still Increasing!

South Florida home prices continue to increase, although not at the double-digit rates seen in 2013 and 2014. Prices for...Read More

Free Cats With Home Purchase!

Home sellers sometimes include pets and other items they don't want anymore with their home sales.Read More

Pompano Beach Shipwreck Park!

Pompano Breach, Florida is creating a shipwreck dive park about one mile off the Atlantic Ocean beach that will attract ...Read More

Ohio House Is Melting!

An Ohio woman is suing the company that built her home because it is melting. According to the home owner, a neighbor's ...Read More

Florida Attracts 22% of International Buyers!

According to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. real estate purchases by foreign buyers declined from $103.9 bil...Read More

America's Largest Closet Going To Auction!

A Texas home with a closet that cost $500,000 to build is going to auction. The mansion in Woodlands, Texas at over 17,3...Read More

50 Cent Broke & Can't Sell Mansion!

More problems for rapper 50 Cent. On top of his 2015 bankruptcy, 50 Cent can't sell his Connecticut mansion. He has redu...Read More

Trump Childhood Home For Sale!

The New York City home in Queens where Donald Trump lived until age four is for sale at $1.65 million. The six-bedroom, ...Read More

Adam Levine Cool SoHo Apartment!

Adam Levine's trendy SoHo loft just went on the market in April at $5.5 million. With 2,800 square feet and exposed bric...Read More

Brooklyn Penthouse Clocktower Finally Sells!

After five years and a stint as the Esquire Bachelor Pad of the Year that featured Charlotte the Ghost, the 1914 Brookly...Read More

Charlie Sheen Sells Two Mansions!

While Charlie Sheen has been off the television screen lately, he has been active in the real estate market selling two ...Read More

Palm Beach Post Mansion Sells Twice!

The Palm Beach mansion that Marjorie Meriweather Post and stock-tycoon husband, E.F Hutton, built in 1921 has sold twic...Read More

Brexit Mixed Bag for U.S. Real Estate!

England's vote to leave the European Union is already having a significant effect on the United Kingdom's real estate ma...Read More

Watergate Building Snatches $107 Million!

According to several news sources, the infamous Watergate complex where Richard Nixon's henchmen staged a break-in that ...Read More

Aretha Franklin Home Escapes Wrecking Ball!

The Memphis home where Aretha Franklin was born in 1942 was heading for demolition but has been temporarily spared.Read More

New China Home Asks $154 Million!

A new home with 32 bedrooms that took three years to build on an island in China is for sale asking one million Chinese ...Read More

Top 10 Crummy U.S. Cities!

Wall Street 24/7 rated U.S. cities based on factors that included local economies, job market and the cost of housing. A...Read More

Waldorf Astoria Closing for Three Years!

The Chinese company that purchased the Waldorf Astoria in 2015 will close the hotel for up to three years while it conve...Read More

Matt Lauer Buys Richard Gere's Hamptons Estate!

After several years on the market, Richard Gere's Hamptons home, Strongheart Manor, has sold to Matt Lauer for $33 milli...Read More

Motown Berry Gordy's Detroit Mansion!

One of Detroit's historic mansions is for sale at $1.595 million. Motown founder Berry Gordy owned the home for many yea...Read More

Pharrell Williams' Miami Penthouse Sold!

After several years of on-and-off listings, Pharrell Williams has sold his colorful Miami penthouse for $9.25 million.Read More

Grace Kelly's Philadelphia Home!

According to Curbed Philadelphia, the home where Grace Kelly grew up is for sale asking $1 million. Grace transitioned f...Read More

John Kerry's Nantucket House For Sale!

Former Democrat presidential candidate and current Secretary-of-State John Kerry is quietly selling both his Nantucket s...Read More

Home Sales At Nine-Year High!

U.S. existing home sales increased 1.8 percent in May to its highest rate since early 2007. Annual U.S. home sales are p...Read More

New Eiffel Tower Apartment!

Lucky winners of a competition sponsored by Homeaway for a night at the Eiffel Tower will be able to stay at a luxury ap...Read More

'Father of the Bride' Home For Sale!

The Los Angeles colonial home that was seen as the family home in 'Father of the Bride' is for sale, asking $1.998 milli...Read More

Winning HGTV Dream Home Sold!

The lucky winner of HGTV's 2015 dream home in Ashville, North Carolina recently put the home on the market at $490,000. ...Read More

Muhammad Ali's New Jersey Home!

Muhammad Ali's former home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has been on and off the market in recent years. Ali lived in the s...Read More

J-Lo Buys Another Home!

Although she recently purchased a $22 million New York penthouse with putting green and is trying to sell her Hidden Hil...Read More

Playboy Mansion Sells - Hef Included!

The Playboy Mansion has sold to a neighbor. According to TMZ, the dream home for millions of men has sold to Daren Metro...Read More

Englishman's Cheating Wife Tower For Sale!

A 175-foot tower built in the 1830s by a wealthy English businessman for a wife he suspected of having an affair is for ...Read More

Adele's New Beverly Hills Home!

According to several news sources, Adele recently purchased a four-bedroom home in Beverly Hills with a tree house and o...Read More

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas Thriller Villa!

The Las Vegas penthouse where Michael Jackson lived for several years until his death in 2009 is for sale at $9.5 millio...Read More

Jefferson's Monticello Replica Sold At Auction!

Friendly's Ice Cream co-founder, S. Prestley Blake, had a replica of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello built to celebrate hi...Read More

Nevada Town For Sale!

A Nevada town that was created in the 1950s from an old government air strip is for sale at $8 million. Cal-Nev-Ari cons...Read More

Floyd's New Miami Beach Home!

Floyd Mayweather recently spent some of his $400 million-plus fortune to purchase a 5,200-square-foot, waterfront home i...Read More

World Series Champ's Wiffle Ball Mansion!

In addition to the colorful nickname, World Series champion Coco Crisp has a beautiful home that he is asking someone to...Read More

Kirk Douglas Family Home For Sale!

The longtime family home of Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas's father, in Palm Springs is for sale asking $3.5 million. The...Read More

Top 50 U-Haul Destinations!

According to the U-Haul people, Houston is the most popular city for do-it-yourself home moves. Texas is the most popula...Read More

President Obama's New Home!

Nearing the end of his eight years in office, President Obama and family have chosen a home in the ritzy Kalorama neighb...Read More

Communist Era Architecture!

The Real Deal has the story and photos of some of the most unusual monuments and buildings of the Soviet era. Highlights...Read More

Home Sales Spring Surge!

New U.S. home sales surged 16.6 percent in April to their highest level since 2008.Read More

Donald Trump's First Mansion Is For Sale!

Donald Trump was just age 35 when he bought his first trophy mansion - a 19,773-square-foot Georgian Colonial on 5.8 acr...Read More

America's Top 10 Castles!

America has castles too. From the Boldt Castle on the St. Lawrence Seaway built by George Boldt who was the brains behin...Read More

NBA-Star Stephen Curry Home For Sale!

All-NBA-star Stephen Curry progressed from a lightly recruited basketball player out of a North Carolina Christian schoo...Read More

The Harvard Five Architects!

Connecticut is a hot spot for modern homes. The Harvard Five were architects who taught at Harvard and settled in New C...Read More

John McEnroe's Hamptons House!

John McEnroe's Hamptons beach house on Squabble Lane with two acres, eight bedrooms and a tennis court is for sale at $1...Read More

San Francisco's Smallest Home Gets $550K!

A 363-square-foot home in San Francisco's Mission District, the city's smallest home, just sold for $550,000.Read More

Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn House!

The former Brooklyn home of Jackie Robinson is for sale. In 1947, Robinson was the first African American to play in Maj...Read More

Cities Where Home Prices Are Surging!

Home prices are surging in some cities - over 25 percent in Vancouver, Canada. Business Insider lists the cities with th...Read More

A Frank Lloyd Wright Bargain!

Frank Lloyd Wright's Winslow House in Chicago is for sale at $1.375 million. The five-bedroom home was one of Wright's e...Read More

Her Majesty's Polo Estate For Sale!

The United Kingdom 70,000-square-foot estate on 250 acres that was the home and polo grounds for Queen Elizabeth's grand...Read More

Oops - Not President Monroe's House!

The Virginia home that has long been promoted by historians and tour guides as President James Monroe's family home was ...Read More

NYC Condo Crushes Record Price!

A four-floor apartment with 23,000 square feet on Central Park South in Manhattan is going on the market at $250 million...Read More

Britney Spears Wants $9 Million!

Britney Spears just bought her Thousand Oaks, California home with mountain views last year, but is already selling. She...Read More

Tyler Perry's Mansion Sets Atlanta Record!

Tyler Perry's Atlanta mansion just sold for $17.5 million, setting a new sales record for the Atlanta region. The French...Read More

Top 10 Scottish Castles!

Scotland has over 2,000 castles including one where the Loch Ness monster has been seen many times, another that may hav...Read More

Prince's Former Spanish Home!

Prince loved the color purple and incorporated it into several of his homes. In 2004, he painted a Beverly Hills home he...Read More

America's Top 10 Seaside Towns!

Coastal Living ranked America's best seaside towns with details on things to do, where to stay and best souvenirs. State...Read More

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