Chicago's Electric Station House!

Chicago's Electric Station House!

One of Chicago’s most expensive homes was once an electric company substation. Now that conservation is catching on in the U.S., many Americans are gradually getting away from their prior “throwaway” mindset and rethinking housing. The imaginative ones started long ago to repurpose old water tanks, fire stations and other buildings that had outlived their original purpose, turning them into modern homes that were unique, conversation pieces and usually with a convenient downtown location which was otherwise unaffordable. We see examples of this all over the country from abandoned car showrooms that are being turned into new small-scale manufacturing plants for boutique goods, office buildings that have become business school classrooms and big box stores have been turned into artist colonies.

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Chicago has an excellent example of how industrial chic was applied to this one-time electrical substation. Now one of the city’s most expensive and glamorous homes, the 15,000-square-foot building is cutting-edge contemporary with its original art deco facade incorporated into the design. With wide open interior spaces, beautiful views and lots of sunlight, the six-bedroom, seven-bath home has light wells, terraces, atria, a large front lawn, swimming pool and patio. At over four stories, it has an elevator, a rooftop greenhouse, two kitchens, a fitness space, large wine cellar tasting room and a four-car garage.

One of Chicago’s most expensive homes was once an electric company substation, now turned contemporary. Previously listed at $13 million, now priced at $10.9 million.

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