Black Dahlia Murder House!

Black Dahlia Murder House!

Tales of terror and tragedy rarely last as long as one of the most notorious Hollywood mysteries of the last century: The Black Dahlia Murders. Rumors still abound about the house’s previous owner, Los Angeles Doctor George Hodel, and his involvement in the brutal killing, mutilation and dismemberment of Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth was sliced in half at her waist and all the blood drained from her body. It looked like the work of a skilled surgeon. Even with its dark history, this house is again on the market at $4.7 million and has been the backdrop for multiple Hollywood movies, TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal America” and even an American Express commercial.

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The house, an unusual piece of architecture crafted by Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright), looks like it is cut straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. While a $2 million renovation has brought the house current and back to its original splendor one can still feel that they should be running for their life through the house being chased by Dr. Hodel. But on your way though don’t miss the walls of vegetation, pool with center patio or large open rooms that give you that warm, welcoming “Mayan Temple” feel. This is the kind of home that says to your friends, “Hey we can sit by the pool and enjoy a fire on the patio, or sacrifice someone to the sun god, it could go either way tonight…who wants margaritas?!”


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