Colorado Rocky Mountain Hotel!

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hotel!

One of the country's most historic hotels began high in the Rocky Mountains in 1911 when newlyweds Ethel and Gordon Mace were inspired to turn their honeymoon visit to Colorado's Estes Park into something more permanent. Using mostly their own and family labor, they built a home and several tourist cabins. Things went so well that Ethel and Gordon opened the Baldpate Inn in 1917. Just a few miles from the Stanley Hotel where Stephen King was later inspired to write “The Shining.”

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According to, there are many tales from Baldpate hotel guests and workers that Gordon, who died in 1959, and Ethel, who died in 1983, are still present in the hotel. “Both spirits have been seen by both staff and guests, puttering around the halls in the inn. Ethel enjoys visiting her old room where she stayed. She sits in her rocking chair, reading her Bible.”

Baldpate Inn is currently for sale or auction listed with Sotheby's International Realty for $3,990,000.

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