Haunted Bahamas Castle & Island!

Haunted Bahamas Castle & Island!

Darby Castle was built as a working plantation in 1938 by an Englishman known as Sir Baxter. As a plantation, it became the largest employer in the southern Bahamas during World War II; its workers helped produce palm oil, fruit, cotton, and even goats. Today, the castle is the stuff of legend, with many tall tales told about the Englishman and his mistress. (Was he a Nazi sympathizer?) Though the so-called castle is in ruins, you can take a potentially dangerous walk to the second landing and its large stone-built balcony, where you can enjoy one of the grandest panoramas in the Exumas. With 554 acres and fabulous views, it’s unlikely that the ghosts of Sir Baxter and his mistress would want to leave. Since spirits don’t seem to care one way or the other about interior decoration or house maintenance, they’re probably happily ensconced and wouldn’t care to have their peacefulness interrupted by new owners and their noisy construction crews. But for those without super active imaginations and with pockets deep enough to comfortably manage the $39 million price tag, the Exuma Cays neighborhood has some interesting residents, such as David Copperfield (Musha Cay), Johnny Depp (Little Hall's Pond Cay), and Nicolas Cage (Leaf Cay). . . though some might say those guys are even scarier than Sir Baxter!

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