Crazy Clown Motel!

Crazy Clown Motel!

There may not be anything quite as foreboding than to be named “the scariest motel in America,” as was the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada by Roadtrippers travel guide. The world has a long history of scary people including Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden and Vlad the Impaler. Now we have clowns and motels!

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For more than a year, Americans have been the victims of clown terror. Weirdos have been dressing up in clown costumes in odd places and scaring the bejeebers out of innocent people. No one seems to know exactly their motivation but they’re popping out from everywhere and causing a ruckus. School districts are banning clown costumes and police are even clamping down on clown rallies.

In Tonopah, Nevada, a brother and sister built a motel in the 1980s next to the Tonopah graveyard so they could be close to their dead father. This obviously doesn’t start off well from the get go and after they added their small clown collection as decor, the motel attracted the producers of the TV show Ghost Adventures. The show attracted clown donors from around the world and now the Clown Motel is every inch chock full of horrific/funny (you choose) clowns. The owner at age 79 is interested in selling the motel with the caveat that the clowns stay; he hopes to get about $900,000. He said he’s had some offers. How could anyone resist the hundreds of clowns and the sublime view from the owner’s apartment overlooking the old miners’ graveyard?

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