Michael Jackson's Spirit at Neverland?

Michael Jackson's Spirit at Neverland?

Like many artists who died too young, some people believe that Michael Jackson is still alive. Forever known and loved as the King of Pop, his fans are still so devoted that his death continues to bring tears and, for some, the idea that he never really died. Having worked since he was barely old enough to walk, Michael missed out on the normal childhood most of us have, so he created his own at Neverland to fill the void. It is for sale at $67 million.

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Now that he is free of all earthly turmoil, is he back at Neverland once again? It was where he always wanted to be and where he once was happiest. The next owners may hear the faint music of the calliope and the strange bellow of an unidentifiable animal. But if they’re fans, they’ll be comforted to know that it might just be Michael - somewhere out there on Neverland’s 2,698 acres.

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