Spooky Mannequin House for Sale!

Spooky Mannequin House for Sale!

It’s the house where the deadbolts should be on the other side of the door, lest someone escape before the men in the white jackets arrive. Hauntings and the macabre usually take place in abandoned structures in the woods or near graveyards, but what about a fairly new house built in 2000 in a swanky community just outside of Houston, Texas? A manicured and stately house from the street like all the neighboring houses, but bring your most stable friend with you if you plan on going inside and make sure you, your friend and the real estate agent are the only ones in the house when you go. Crazy? Insane? The house is filled with people but none of them are alive! You hope. Not an inch of wall, floor or table space can be seen that isn’t covered in mannequins, animal skins, picture frames, taxidermy or bizarre doodads. Mannequins are sitting at the bar, hanging feet first from the ceiling and crawling under the bed with their legs sticking out.

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For sale at $1,275,000, the owner will take it all with her when it sells and already has ten tractor trailers on standby.

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