Joshua Tree Mojave Rock Ranch!

Joshua Tree Mojave Rock Ranch!

The boundaries between house, land, vistas and art are rarely as blurred as they are in the Mojave Rock Ranch in Joshua Tree, California. The compound, created by well-known landscapers Gino Dreese and Troy Williams, avid world travelers who frequently brought back art and artifacts which they incorporated into the 1950’s homestead northeast of Palm Springs, is perched on a crest overlooking the Joshua Tree Desert.

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Sited on a rock outcropping ten miles from the entrance to Joshua Tree Desert, the estate on 225 acres includes one-bedroom, one-bath, pool, spa and cabana, helipad, wine cellar and vintage “wild west” jail cell. Its rustic look was created out of stone and glass walls from bottles collected from the designers’ world travels.With their goal of visiting every country in the world, the Mojave Rock Ranch owners have put their home of 22 years on the market - priced at $4.5 million.

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