Three Historic Virginia Farm Auctions!

Three Historic Virginia Farm Auctions!

For anyone who would aspire to becoming a gentleman farmer, three stunning Virginia farming estates are going to auction on June 28th. All three farms are owned by West Virginia billionaire Governor Jim Justice and have been on and off the market since 2016 at a combined $40.2 million.

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Flowerdew Hundred -- With over 1,300 acres, Flowerdew Hundred plantation was one of the earliest English settlements in the new world dating back to 1618 and is sited along the James River. In 1618, Flowerdew Hundred was granted to the British Colonial Governor George Yeardley who named the property for his wife, Temperance Flowerdew. The manor house has a total of twelve bedrooms, a master suite, and twelve bathrooms. The first floor of the residence houses an expansive living area, a modern kitchen with butler’s pantry, and a pool room. The first windmill erected in English North America was built at Flowerdew Hundred by 1621. The plantation was originally listed at $12.2 million.

Horseshoe Farm -- Includes 882 acres in Rapidan, Virginia at the junction of the Robinson and Rapidan Rivers, which gives the property its horseshoe shape and name. The land was originally part of a large grant by the English Crown in the 1700s to Virginia Lieutenant-Governor Alexander Spotswood. In 1859, the 7,208-square-foot manor house was built, accentuated with intricate moldings, hand-painted original murals, marble columns and 14’ high ceilings with twelve bedrooms, six full bathrooms and eight fireplaces. The plantation was most recently listed at $9.2 million.

Rapidan Farm -- At 1,674 acres, Rapidan Farm is in Culpeper, Virginia, also on historic land but with newer buildings. It includes the 4,480-square-foot main residence with attached servants’ residence of 2,200 square feet, manager’s house and tenant houses. Agricultural buildings include grain-handling facilities with silos and multiple buildings for equipment, storage and livestock. Recreational features include pool, cabana, tennis courts, and formal garden. The farm can be purchased as a whole or as one of five parcels. The farm was listed in October 2016 at $18.8 million.

Three historic Virginia plantations will be going to auction on June 28th.

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