Palm Beach's Most Expensive Mansion!

Palm Beach's Most Expensive Mansion!

Palm Beach has attracted the super wealthy since Henry Flagler built his luxury hotel at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in 1894 (today the landmark hotel The Breakers) and his Florida East Coast Railroad delivered passengers directly to the hotels. By then, coconut trees were flourishing which had been planted years earlier from the bounty of a shipwreck, and the tropical Florida beaches with swaying palms was a retreat for the rich and famous. Over time, and with the help of famed architects Addison Cairns Mizner and Marion Sims Wyeth, mansions were built in a Mediterranean style designed to capture the tradewinds and enjoyment of year-round outdoor activities. Many of these original homes have been preserved and are enjoyed today. Though built by the best craftsmen imported from around the world, they naturally require the expense of continuous ongoing maintenance. But now there is a new kid in town, as elegant Mediterranean oceanfront mansions go, that has the same stature and grace of the originals and being brand new, comes with years of deferred maintenance.

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Though still without a name of its own, this 35,993-square-foot manse was built in 2015 in northern Palm Beach with approximately 242 feet of direct ocean frontage. Its statement of wealth begins at its impressive entrance and continues through to its ocean views. The interior includes the grand salon, eight bedrooms, seven full baths and ten partial baths positioned for the convenience of owner and guests. Also included are a bowling alley, pub room, game room, home theater, library and dual balconies for ocean viewing. Grounds include an eight-car garage and oceanfront terrace with pool and spa.

Originally priced at $84 million, Palm Beach’s newest mansion is now also its most expensive at the currently reduced price of $69.9 million.

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