The Edie Goetz Estate!

The Edie Goetz Estate!

Many of the historic Old Hollywood estates have a celebrity history, but few can surpass the Edie Goetz estate that has come on the market for the first time in 25 years.  You’re asking, “Well, who was Edie Goetz?”  Edie and Lois were the daughters of film mogul MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer.  As Edie and Lois grew up, they competed with each other over almost everything - who had the most powerful husband, who had the most important friends and who had the biggest house.  Edie married producer Bill Goetz in 1930 in what was said to be one of the most lavish weddings in Hollywood history.  Lois married producer David O. Selznick, also in 1930, who became well known and quite wealthy from his first major success, Gone With the Wind.  As Lois’s fortune grew, Edie became envious.  Their father didn’t like to see his daughter so miserable, so he gave Billy a hoist up the ladder by financing him into a partnership with 20th Century Fox.  This enraged Lois and as Goetz’s success skyrocketed, she and her sister became permanently estranged.  

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The Goetz’s parties became legend about the time that Goetz bought Universal Studios in 1946.  The party they gave to celebrate was attended by 85 guests including Joan Crawford, Loretta Young, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant and Judy Garland, who sang for the guests.  By now, Edie’s reputation for entertaining classified her as true Hollywood royalty.

In 1947, she brought in famed Hollywood designer Billy Haines to redo the main house as a showplace for entertaining. She and Goetz continued to entertain lavishly until his death in 1969.  After he died, she realized that he had been the draw all along for the celebrities who loved him.  Edie went into seclusion and lived in the house until she died at the age of 88.  Her sister Lois died two years later.  They had not spoken for over 30 years.

Situated on 4.38 acres of lush landscaping on one of the most important streets in Los Angeles, the property is made up of two parcels which include the main house, three guest houses two swimming pools, a tennis court and a funicular.  There is also a large collection of specimen trees including Mediterranean Dwarf Palm, Arizona Cypresses and Japanese Maples. There are eleven bedrooms, nine full baths and multiple venues for entertaining large groups both inside and out.  The gated estate provides complete privacy.

Edie Goetz’s home that was enjoyed for decades by Hollywood elite is for sale, priced at $79 million.

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