Tommy Hilfiger's Penthouse!

Tommy Hilfiger's Penthouse!

One of the most stunning apartments in New York City is Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse at the Plaza Hotel that only a style visionary could have produced.

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In 2008, the Hilfigers bought two units at the Plaza for $25 million. From there, he and his wife spent three years and $17 million in major renovation and connecting the apartments. Totaling 6,000 square feet including the dome atop the hotel and terraces overlooking Central Park and Fifth Avenue, the apartment has four bedrooms, five baths and a grand staircase. The elegant decorating style was intended to represent the best of the Plaza’s grand history and where he built the Eloise room, named for the well-known children’s book character who lived on the top floor at the Plaza in Kay Thompson’s book series.

The decor is just as fascinating as the apartment itself with Hilfiger’s collection of Andy Warhol portraits. The eclectic collection of antique furnishings and accessories includes furniture pieces once owned by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. There are also photographs from Truman Capote’s 1966 Black and White Ball at the Plaza - New York’s party of the century. Hilfiger says that most of the furnishings could be included in the sale under the right terms.

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger’s Manhattan "castle in the sky" in the iconic Plaza, originally listed at $80 million, has been relisted at $58.9 million.

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