Haunted Italian Island!

Haunted Italian Island!

Poveglia is a 17-acre island off the southern coast of Venice that has been labeled by locals and paranormal experts alike as the “most haunted place on earth.”  Originally a quarantine station for people with the black plague, victims were taken to the island, left to die and then burned in massive pyres.  It’s rumored as many as 100,000 people died on the island.

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In 1922, the Italian government built an insane asylum on the island where a mad doctor subjected his patients to cruel and gruesome experiments that just added to the island’s already monstrous death toll.  A victim of his own evil deeds, the doctor believed that the island's ghosts were haunting him; he climbed to the top of the island's bell tower and jumped to his death.

The island was abandoned in 1968 and Italy sold the island in 2014 for $672,000 to an Italian  businessman who plans on turning the island into a luxury resort.


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