Kenny Rogers Beaver Dam Farms Auction!

Kenny Rogers Beaver Dam Farms Auction!

America’s favorite Gambler’s career has spanned over half a century and is still going strong for his farewell tour scheduled to run into next year.  Kenny Rogers is retiring after performances covering the United States, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand and the United Kingdom. A career that began in the 1950s as a teen rocker and a folk singer in the ‘60s is folding his cards, The Gambler's Last Deal tour, as one of the best-selling country musicians of all time.     

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Unlike so many other superstars claiming “last tours,” Rogers at age 77, really means it.  As he said in an interview with USA Today, “I accomplished much more than I ever set out to do.  When you run out of things to reach for, then you might as well hang it up and say thank you.” Rogers made this announcement on the Today show, stating that he is retiring completely from show business after the tour in order to spend more time with his wife and 11-year-old identical twin boys, Jordan and Justin.

Kenny Rogers has a gift for understanding people and what they wanted to hear, spanning many genres and turning him into one of the most commercially successful musicians of all time.  His ballads such as Lucille, The Gambler, Islands in the Stream, Lady and Morning Desire told stories of social significance which appealed to his fans and became his trademark.  He has sold over 120 million albums worldwide with 24 number one singles and has achieved multiple Lifetime Achievement Awards and was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

By  the 1980s, Rogers had gone from a childhood in the projects of Houston, Texas to finally being wealthy enough to do anything he wanted.  What he wanted was land and a beautiful home with private guest houses, golf course and plenty of recreation for family and friends to enjoy.  There was one special thing he wanted for himself - sprinkler systems for the grounds and golf course. It was something that had fascinated him as a child walking past the homes of the wealthy.  Later when the grounds were completed, he sometimes got up early in the morning to watch the sprinklers come on across the golf course.  Proof that he had finally achieved his dream.

Beaver Dam Farms located just outside of Athens, Georgia and 90 minutes from Atlanta, was conceived, designed and built by Rogers as his dream home. Spread out within its 973 acres, the property consists of three private spring-fed lakes, a 12,000-square-foot mansion, five guest houses and clubhouse, lake clubhouse, and over two acres under roof equestrian/multipurpose arena with 44 stalls, two swimming pools, two clay tennis courts, and an 18-hole championship-rated golf course.  Other details include streams with waterfalls, woodland trails for walking or riding, gardens, well-stocked fishing lake, two gyms, movie theater, billiards room, conference center and a total of 20 bedrooms.

In 2003, Rogers sold the property to Weston Adams who was also owner of a guest ranch and sportsman’s lodge in Colorado.  The Adams family used it as a private home in the first years and then turned it into a resort with full accommodations, spa services and event rentals.  When Adams died in 2011, the family moved to the West Coast and felt it was time to sell.  Close to his heart, Kenny Rogers is taking an active part in helping to promote the Beaver Dam Farms auction.

With a replacement value of between $30 to $40 million, the auction will be held on July 9th. Previously listed at $20 million, the owner has agreed to sell to the highest bidder at or above $3.5 million with all furnishings included, many of which were those passed on by Rogers.

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