Connecticut's Stillman House!

Connecticut's Stillman House!

Now that Mid-Century Modern architectural style is making a resurgence in popularity, the original five Harvard architects influenced by Bauhaus, known as the Harvard Five, have become well known to fans of the original modernist style.  Far ahead of their time and at times criticized by building their svelte structures in traditional neighborhoods of Connecticut during the 1940s, their homes are highly sought after today and rarely come on the market.  Right out of school, the Harvard Five: John Johansen, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and Eliot Noyes started designing and building in New Canaan, working their way around the state and landed in Litchfield around 1950.

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Having built his own home in New Canaan, now also on the market, Marcel Breuer was invited by friends Rufus and Leslie Stillman to build the first modern house in Litchfield.  It would be the first in a town filled with Colonial homes. They so admired Breuer’s work, they gave him free reign to design their home any way he wanted.  He ended up building a home similar to his own in New Canaan.  Now for sale and completely restored to its former glory, the  cantilevered two-story, oblong house built of cinderblock and wood with large windows allowing a connection to nature, typical of his style at the time. The exterior was made up of multicolored rectangles above a modernist wall mural designed by artist Alexander Calder, which has been carefully restored.  The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home features hardwood flooring on both levels. The flat-roofed home also has floating staircases, two fireplaces, a guesthouse, pool, and porch.

Located just off Litchfield Green, an area of town with Congregational churches, restaurants, shops, and residential buildings, the 2,359-square-foot Stillman House by Marcel Breuer is priced at $2.495 million.

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