Top 10 Haunted Homes

You finally did it!  You shopped, perused, toured and painstakingly poured yourselves into the housing market in the area…then you found it - the one.  It was perfect, from the scalloped trim work surrounding the top of the porch to the tree swing in the back for little Timmy, happy little Timmy. You’re about to tell the agent that you’ll take it when a foreboding look comes across her face and a collective chill runs down the spines of your huddled, little family.  A darkness envelopes the realtor and she says in an otherworldly voice, “In the interest of full disclosure, there’s something I want to tell you about this house…”

To your horror, she begins to tell you the ghastly tale of various murders, suicides and occult rituals that have taken place in the home since its construction.  Everything becomes clear in an instant.  The four-figure price tag in the middle of a six-figure neighborhood, the fact that there have been twenty different owners in the last three years. And that pesky, ghostly, voice that kept saying “get out” every time you’d come back to look at the house. “Run as fast as you can!”

If this scenario doesn’t scare you, then the homes on this list might just be for you!  The Internet is littered with memes of spooky homes asking, “Would you live here for a month for a million dollars?”  If your answer is not only “yes”, but that you might even enjoy living at one of these homes, then dive into this list!  If you dare…

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