Georgia Mansion Over 35,000 Square Feet!

Georgia Mansion Over 35,000 Square Feet!

Not to be confused with the Florida State Song, Old Folks at Home, that extolls the image of southerners living the slow life along the Suwannee River, but Suwanee, Georgia is nonetheless still the Deep South and the living is definitely quite gracious and easy. Suwanee has also been listed in the top ten lists for years as one of the best places to live and to raise a family. Located just 35 miles northeast of Atlanta.

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If Scarlett O’Hara images of white columned estates is what you think of when hearing the name of southern cities, Suwanee, Georgia isn’t about to disappoint. At Rose Hill Estate, instead of sweeping hoop skirts that are hard to maneuver through garden paths, you’ll still cast a beautiful image in your vintage white dress and wide brimmed sun hat while picking another bouquet of roses to fill all the rooms of the mansion. There are so many roses in the gardens of Rose Hill that there is a dedicated flower room with banks of refrigeration, cabinets for containers, sinks and arranging tables - the entire large room devoted to the care of flowers. It’s every gardener’s dream come true. Of course, attached to the multitude of formal rose gardens and their indoor space is the rest of this stunning and tastefully executed 35,100-square-foot, eight bedroom, seventeen (yes, 17) bath mansion resting on its 14.5 gloriously landscaped acres. Now easily understood why a house of this size actually needs a room devoted to keeping the house filled with beautiful fresh arrangements, not for just the family but for the weddings and other special events that will be held over time.

Upholding its southern tradition, the home doesn’t fall short on verandas with upper level private ones, sweeping lower level verandas and more tucked in between to capture the enticing landscape and beckon one to a stroll. The interior has everything one expects such as elegant formal rooms and charming family areas, home theatre, wine cellar, grand pool patio for entertaining, a 14-car garage and separate pool house - as well as things one doesn’t expect like five kitchens and an underground tunnel that connects the detached garages with the main house. Though designed with beautiful curving staircases, there is also an elevator for ease of access. Another most remarkable feature is the amazing amount of organized storage behind custom cabinetry, including in the large attic. However, the most unusual feature of this home is that the owners put $40 million into the construction of this grand estate and never lived in it. The new owner will be the first.  For more information.

Considered to be one of the 25 largest homes for sale in the country by square footage, never-lived-in Rose Hill Estate cost $40 million to build, listed at $13.995 million.

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