Frank Sinatra's New York Penthouse!

Frank Sinatra's New York Penthouse!

Who knew - or remembered - that Frank Sinatra owned a stunning New York penthouse that was way ahead of its time? Judging by his other glamorous digs over the years, his only-the-best-will-do taste and flair for the dramatic certainly shows in this co-op where he lived while his short term marriage to Mia Farrow played out. Is it any wonder that 50-year-old Frank and 21-year-old Mia didn’t work out? Wasn’t meant to be. In hindsight, could one ever imagine Frank, king of womanizers, being saddled with fifteen children?

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Frank and pixie-faced Mia met on the set of Sinatra’s film "Von Ryan's Express" in 1965. They were married in 1966; lived in this stunning glass-walled penthouse in New York and were divorced by 1968. When Mia’s movie "Rosemary’s Baby" production time ran over and she refused to quit the film to be in Sinatra’s film "The Detective," like a spoiled child in a temper tantrum, he made a big display of handing her the divorce papers in front of her cast crew.

If you love to entertain, this is the place for it. The 18-foot-high ceilings with glass walls overlooking the river add drama while you tell your guests that Ol’ Blue Eyes designed the space when it was under construction in 1961, and how his pal Sammy Davis, Jr. enjoyed tossing champagne glasses down on FDR Drive from the apartment’s terraces. With a modernization undertaken by the current owner after she bought it in 2008, the 3,200 square foot apartment has four bedrooms, six baths and an additional 2,000 square feet in two wrap-around terraces overlooking the East River.

During the eleven years Frank owned the home, it was a known swinging party place that welcomed not only his Rat Pack gang but also the likes of President John F. Kennedy, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe.  For more information.

Maybe it’s time to go "All the Way" and start living the glamour life. Ol’ Blue Eyes glamorous hangout, previously priced at $7.7 million now listed at $4.995 million.

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