Meg Ryan's San Francisco Victorian!

Meg Ryan's San Francisco Victorian!

Meg Ryan tends to make films that people watch over and over. Take Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, with the unforgettable restaurant scene, and that’s just scratching the surface. Meg can take it from pixie cute comedy to deep drama without even raising an eyebrow with her wide range of acting skills. Though she hasn’t made a feature film since 2009’s Serious Moonlight, it looks as though she and Tom Hanks will be reunited in a film still in the discussion stage, Ithaca.

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On Valentines Day in 1991, after starring in three films with him, DOA, Innerspace and Flesh and Bones, Meg married Dennis Quaid. Although they tried to make it work, their ten-year marriage ended in 2001. During their marriage, they lived in this charming gingerbread Victorian in San Francisco.

Once again for sale but with a contract pending, Meg Ryan’s former home in Pacific Palisades has been used as a location for a feature film and a television pilot, as well as in catalogs for Pottery Barn and Design within Reach. Built in 1889, the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom house was designed by Samuel Newsom who also designed the Oakland and Berkeley city halls and the Napa Valley Opera House. He was well known for his ornate Queen Anne residences and this home still has the peaked roofs and detailed ornamentation intact. Not at all like most Victorian homes with their heavy flocked wallpaper and dark rooms with heavy furniture, this glamorous home has wide open rooms filled with light and neutral paint with a wide curving stairwell and light hardwood, immediately giving one a sense of airiness and space. There are wide views of the bay from all the main rooms and especially from what is called the “pent room,” which must have been the attic at one time and is now a fabulous room for enjoying the views from both inside and outside through glass walls that open to another terrace.  For more information.

Meg Ryan’s and Dennis Quaid’s former San Francisco Queen Anne home, also used as a set for film, television and commercials, is again for sale and priced at $8.995 million. Contract pending.

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