San Francisco's Nirvana House!

San Francisco's Nirvana House!

It used to be that your house was just your house, where you would go home at night after a day’s work, check the kitchen to see what was for dinner and turn on the news - to wind down from your busy day. Now in the 21st century, we need a house to do a lot more and we have expectations no one considered years ago. We clamor for space and airy high ceilings with natural building materials and walls of glass overlooking grand views of Mother Nature or wide man-made cityscapes. Small cozy rooms now seem claustrophobic, the nightly news raises your blood pressure and the wall-to-wall carpet you used to have had you breathing unhealthy fumes. Now we want a glass of wine, calm music and a warm Jacuzzi to take the edge off so we can even digest dinner. We need a different kind of house. We want the calmness of Zen and the peace of Shangri-La.

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San Francisco architect, Angela Danadjieva, wanted Nirvana, so she designed Nirvana House for her personal residence. With her background as an urban park planner, she was already deeply connected in nature, so the natural thing to do was to build a home that blended into the scenery with healthy, natural building materials. She chose natural Carnelian granite, redwood, cedar and glass for natural light and sited the home on a ridge above San Francisco Bay in Tiburon's Hill Haven area, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and the San Francisco skyline. Measuring in at 4,500 square feet, the home is eco-friendly in its construction. The addition of planters and a 10-foot indoor waterfall maintains a healthy humidity and replacement of oxygen. There are four bedrooms, five baths, a unique patterned sky roof of redwood and cedar, a huge great room with 36-foot windows and a total of 57 windows throughout the house providing stunning views. A stone patio leads to a lawn overlooking the Bay. The entry to the property has an electronically controlled gate with a stone driveway to the attached two-car garage. Designed by a woman for a woman, there is a dumbwaiter from the garage to the kitchen.  For more information.

Nirvana found in San Francisco, designed by prominent urban park architect Angela Danadjieva as her private residence. Priced at $7.5 million.

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