Shirley MacLaine's New Age New Mexico Ranch!

Shirley MacLaine's New Age New Mexico Ranch!

“Imagination.” It’s the one attribute that Shirley MacLaine believes will propel a person into an exciting and productive life. When Shirley gave the commencement speech to the first graduating class of the New Mexico School of the Arts last year, her message to those just starting out in life was to “remember that there is nothing more important than imagination.” In both her personal and professional life, from the thought she has put into the roles she plays, through her travels of both body and mind, to the locations she picks to live, Shirley has had lots of imagination, excitement and productivity.

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Shirley is one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actresses with a career that began in 1955 with her Golden Globe winning performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Trouble With Harry.” Her track record of Oscar winner for Best Actress in 1984 for “Terms of Endearment,” winner of Italian and German Oscars, three-time Emmy winner and ten-time Golden Globe winner, over fifty films, nominated six times for Academy Awards and author of nine international bestsellers, MacLaine has a staggering number of achievements but has remained down-to-earth and very much like a well-loved next door neighbor.

Actress, author and older sister of Warren Beatty, Shirley has worked diligently on behalf of civil rights, women’s rights, politics and the evolution of spiritual understanding. In recent years, Shirley’s interests have taken a path into New Age subjects such as metaphysics and the impact of exopolitics, the politics involved with our advancement into outer space and political issues such as the governance of weapons in space. She has a keen interest in UFO experiences and has been interviewed on numerous occasions by Larry King on CNN as well as on NBC and Fox news channels. On “The Oprah Show” in 2011, she noted that she observed multiple UFO incidents at her New Mexico ranch.

Plaza Blanca Ranch, her “refuge from a very confused and conflicted world,” as she described to the “Wall Street Journal,” is now for sale. Located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, the ranch is about an hour’s drive north of Santa Fe. On approximately 7,451 acres, included are the main house of over 10,000 square feet with nine bedrooms and six baths, a caretaker’s cottage, swimming pool, two ponds, a horse barn, ranch buildings, equipment and a yurt. Under the main house is an apartment with living room, kitchen and four bedrooms designed similar to a Native American kiva that was used for spiritual ceremonies. There is also a greenhouse and chicken coop providing a year round food source. Completely off-grid, power is supplied through solar panels and a wind generator.

Many of the unusual geological formations on the ranch inspired a number of artist Georgia O'Keeffe’s paintings. Her home and studio were also in Abiquiu. One of her most famous paintings, “The White Place,” (Plaza Blanca cliffs) was painted on what is now Shirley MacLaine’s ranch and for which the ranch is named.

When Shirley bought the ranch twenty years ago, one of the first things she did was build a stone labyrinth on Crystal Mountain. The Sacred Labyrinth Walk, is the ancient practice of "Circling to the Center" by walking the labyrinth. Labyrinths have been in use for over 4000 years. For Shirley, It provides a walking path for meditation where she is able to view the plateau of Pedernal Mountain in the distance.  For more information.

Shirley MacLaine’s New Mexico 7,451-acre Plaza Blanca Ranch retreat she designed for recharging the body, soul and the imagination is now for sale, priced at $18 million.

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