Houston's Waldo Mansion!

Houston's Waldo Mansion!

According to the Waldo Mansion’s historical marker, Confederate veteran J.P. Waldo settled in Houston after the Civil War and married Mary Virginia Gentry, the daughter of Texas railroad pioneer Abram Gentry. Waldo also became a prosperous railroad executive and built this house in 1885. In 1905, Waldo's son Wilmer moved the house to its current site, a fashionable area on the edge of Houston. Wilmer built a carriage house prior to the main house being moved so he could store its removable parts to be reattached once the move was accomplished. The Waldo family lived here until 1966. In addition to the home's historic value, it also had a role in one of the 1980's most popular films.

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The interior of the home and its backyard were used as the set for Jack Nicholson’s home when he portrayed Garrett Breedlove, the astronaut playboy in the 1983 Academy Award winning box office blockbuster, “Terms of Endearment.” Starring Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger and Nicholson as MacLaine’s love interest, scenes from the film were shot at the pool (now a koi pond), master bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen has since been remodeled and according to the current owner who has lived in the house for 27 years, he gave the old kitchen counters to a friend who was building a house. He had a plaque made for the friend that read, “Shirley MacLaine had her ass here.”

The 6,598-square-foot home has high ceilings, original glass and millwork, 10 fireplaces, three bedrooms, four baths, a three-car garage and a detached guest house, which was once the carriage house.

Scenes from the Oscar-winning movie "Terms of Endearment" were filmed here - for sale for $3.5 million.

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