Historic Mississippi Inn!

Historic Mississippi Inn!
Historic Mississippi Inn!

There are many historical love stories emanating from the South, but the story of John Alexander Klein and Elizabeth Bartley Day is particularly enchanting. Though today our social mores would likely frown upon the match, the Victorians saw love differently. John spied this beautiful child, Elizabeth, when she was only 14 and he, a grown man of 28 was instantly in love. Not being able to get her out of his mind, he waited for her to mature while he applied himself to building his diverse fortune and starting construction on the exquisite mansion now called Cedar Grove.

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In 1842, by the time she was 16 and he 30, they married and spent a year-long honeymoon taking the grand European tour. There, they collected many furnishings for their new home, many of which still adorn the mansion today. Ten years after the start of the construction, in 1852 the home was finally completed.

The Civil War came and Cedar Grove saw many changes. It so happened that General Sherman, a relative of Elizabeth, commandeered the mansion for a Union hospital and after the war, Elizabeth was snubbed by local society for her connection. It is said that, prior to occupation, the family fortune was successfully spirited away and concealed in the dining room sideboard for safekeeping. Bombarded by cannon fire, today there is still a cannon ball lodged in the wall of the parlor, ever reminding one of the romantic and sometimes tragic history of the home.

Today, Cedar Grove is an inn and restaurant where many go for a vacation retreat. Now there is the opportunity for the next entrepreneur to fulfill their dream of being an innkeeper, or for the not quite so energetic, it could be converted back to the original elegant single family home of the past. Now hosting weddings and special events, at 49,780 square feet, there are also 33 guest rooms spread between several buildings. The inn conveys fully furnished and equipped, making it completely turnkey for the new owner. For more information.

Historical Cedar Grove property, currently operating as an inn and restaurant in Vicksburg, Mississippi, previously listed at $2.9 million, reduced to $1.495 million.

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