Las Vegas Underground Mansion!

Las Vegas Underground Mansion!
Las Vegas Underground Mansion!

Avon cosmetics executive Girard Henderson built his underground Vegas vacation home in the 1960s as a nuclear fallout shelter. It was an era after the Cuban missile crisis when everyone in this country feared a nuclear attack and many who could afford it were busy building underground bomb shelters as fast as they could.

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Henderson, definitely able to afford it, probably topped them all with this marvelous 16,936 square foot, 5 bedroom, 6 bath elegant home that contained the best features, architecture and decor of the era. Today with the vast improvements in lighting technology and some decorating updates, one might never know they were ensconced underground. He thought of everything from a sauna to an “outdoor” free-form swimming pool surrounded by mountain boulders. In addition to the privacy of being underground, it is located under the caretaker’s house on a gated 1.05 acres of land.

For those who aren’t in the know, don’t scoff. Some of today’s super wealthy are again contracting for secure underground facilities ranging from private shelters with today’s technology to elegant condos built into old missile silos with swimming pools and other fine perks. Some have bought an entire missile silo for themselves and have turned them into full time homes.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to buy this large home with attractive artificial outdoor space at foreclosure pricing? Just some new lighting and decor will make this the most elegant bomb shelter in the country.

Sin City - home of the nicest bomb shelter in the country. Foreclosed and priced at $1.7 million.

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