John & Cindy's Family Home!

John & Cindy's Family Home!
John & Cindy's Family Home!

You might recall in the 2008 presidential election when Republican candidate John McCain was unable to answer a reporter’s question about how many homes he and his wife, Cindy, owned. Various news sources pegged the number at anywhere between four and as many as ten homes. No one, including Senator McCain, seemed to know for sure but according to Politico, the McCains owned at least eight properties in Arizona, California and Virginia.

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Although the 2008 election didn’t turn out so well for McCain, he was lucky that he sold the longtime McCain family Arizona estate, also the home where Cindy was raised, in 2006, just before the real estate crash. The next owner, investor-buyer, Jane Popple, purchased the property for $3.2 million and after spending a small fortune adding 4,000 square feet and a total kitchen overhaul, Jane got stuck when trying to sell the large compound. Two years after she purchased it, she put it back on the market for $12 million. Attracting no buyers, she put it up for auction in August of 2011 starting at $10 million. Once again, it didn’t sell. At this point desperate, the home was offered as a short sale and finally sold for $1.8 million - a $2.7 million loss for Jane.

The new owners have now had two years to enjoy the property while keeping an eye on the 25 percent upswing in the Phoenix real estate market. They have now listed the former McCain estate at $2.9 million.

At 14,383 square feet the Tuscan-styled property has 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in the main house with an additional 2 bedrooms, each in a guesthouse. Floors throughout the home are of hand scraped antique walnut, and ceilings, many of which are vaulted and covered with warm woods, have been raised to give airiness and light. The master retreat is quite the romantic retreat with its private walled garden with sunken hot tub and a master bath. The chef's kitchen and blended commercial catering kitchen make all manner of dining and entertaining possible. The 2-acre, gated compound contains vast lawns, patios, a swimming pool with spa, and two sun-sheltering ramadas.

McCains' long time Arizona home is for sale – again. Now priced at $2.9 million.

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