Lance Armstrong's Texas Mansion!

Lance Armstrong's Texas Mansion!

Back in July 2008 before his drugging disclosure, in an interview and feature Architectural Digest did on his mansion, Lance Armstrong said a few things that have returned to bite him in the backside: “When their mom and I split, the kids and I moved around a bunch. But that’s over. This time I said, ‘You will graduate from high school in this house. I promise. Dad’s not moving again.’ ” And most amazingly, when referring to his Ed Ruscha lithograph, “ ‘I thought, That’s perfect’—in more ways than one, since its message, ‘Safe and Effective Medication,’ is particularly dear to the homeowner’s heart.” So what does Lance tell his kids now? But there is also a brighter side to what everyone has turned into a dismal story.

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It’s wonderful what Lance has done to help positively motivate those who have been stricken with cancer. Through his autobiographical book and through his Livestrong Foundation which provides support for cancer patients, he has helped multitudes of cancer patients. According to his oncologist at at the Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis, Dr. Lawrence Einhorn, ''We still have patients who, when starting chemotherapy for testicular cancer, come in carrying that book. It's like someone religious carrying a Bible to help them through a very difficult period of time. Virtually 100% of my cancer patients all feel that he has done far more good than any damage he's done.''

When one has had the extreme doses of chemo required to beat advanced testicular cancer such as experienced by Lance, even his doctor concurs that he could never have gone back to being competitive without performance enhancing drugs. And as Dr. Einhorn goes on to say in his interview with USA Today, ''There would have been no foundation. There would have been no cancer survivorship talk, if he had not entered the Tour de France, or finished 17th or 18th.”

Of course much has changed and will continue to change for Armstrong well into the future that was unexpected when he bought and renovated this stunning Austin, Texas home. It was intended as his Forever Home. But recently with an eye to the future, he put it on the market and ended up selling it for less than a third of his original asking price. He bought the 1.7-acre property in 2004 and spent the next two years renovating and decorating it along with his designer. Lance was very hands on and involved in each element that went into the expensive redo. Now at 7,850 square feet it has been much enjoyed by his children and a good backdrop for his art collection.

Lance has now moved on to his next Austin estate perched above the wooded slope of the river with a swinging bridge to the boathouse that his children will love. Though cheaper than the property just sold, it is 5,000 square feet larger with private river frontage and far greater privacy.

Originally listed at $10 million, Lance Armstrong’s estate just sold in the neighborhood of $3.1 million to Al Koehler, founder of Royalty Clearinghouse, though the exact sales price has not yet been published.

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