Carly Simon Anticipating Home Sale!

Carly Simon Anticipating Home Sale!
Carly Simon Anticipating Home Sale!

We really don’t want Carly Simon to be 68 years old! What happened to time? We want more songs from her to create even more memories. Great songs come from Carly, with words and a theme that help us connect with the more emotional and complex parts of our human nature. Sure, that’s what many songs do, but Carly zeros in and cuts to our core. Take That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be for instance. How many married-divorced couples haven’t had the very same confused thoughts to which she brought amazing clarity? Always earthy, always in touch with herself and us - it’s what we love about Carly.

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“These are the good old days” for Carly, who has lived in Anticipation of selling her West Village apartment since 2008. She has a contract! Interestingly, this apartment is Carly. It’s earthy with exposed brick walls, wonderful natural original wide plank flooring, and romantic wood burning fireplaces. It’s intimate and cozy and we can visualize Carly walking around barefooted or curled up in front of a fire with her guitar.

Hard to understand why someone didn’t grab it the first day it was listed in 2008. It exudes warmth and character directly opposed to the coldness of steel, concrete and glass. But strangely it has passed from agency to agency with price cuts all along the way. In 2008, it was listed for $3.9 million with her sister, Joanna, then it dropped to $2.98 million in 2010. She did receive a good offer, but then thought she may want to keep it and took it off the market.

In 2012 she put it back at $2.8 million. Shortly thereafter, she dropped the price to $2.5 million, then took it off the market again. Most recently it was back on with a new agency, relisted at the same $2.5 million and now has a contract. For those who are falling in love with this charming apartment now, . . . it wouldn’t hurt to get on the waitlist in the event the current contract falls through.

Carly Simon re-listed her West Village for $2.5 million. Now under contract for $2.275 million.

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