Sheryl Crow's Solar Horse Farm!

Sheryl Crow's Solar Horse Farm!
Sheryl Crow's Solar Horse Farm!

Sheryl Crow is one of the few beloved celebrities who we admire for staying grounded and maintaining balance in her life. Not to say that Sheryl hasn’t experienced the extreme professional and personal ups and downs that come with celebrity. She just handles it better than most. Sheryl is a refreshing breath of clean air in a world who doesn’t give a hoot about political correctness and says what she thinks. If feathers are ruffled, good. It usually means they should be.

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What makes her so successful? She took over her own life by starting to work on her own without the security of a group in 1996 with her album Sheryl Crow, that fully expressed the real Sheryl. She’s never afraid to be herself and her sometimes eccentric views - according to the mainstream - are transmitted through her Grammy winning songwriting and singing. It’s what we’ve loved about her since she started in 1983 and she’s still mesmerizing us with her newest country music album, Feels Like Home.

Also feeling like home is the Tennessee horse ranch that Sheryl has owned since 2006. Just outside of Nashville, she liked the fact that it was near family and closer to her roots. It was a great place to raise her adopted baby boys, Wyatt in 2007 and Levi in 2010. She bought this farm while retaining her Los Angeles enclave which she has owned since 1998. She has had as many as 16 horses on the farm at one time and has excellent facilities for riding.

Cross Creek Farm is situated on 152 rolling acres of open pasture, pond, woods and flat land perfect for hayfields or other crops. One of the most interesting and timely features of the estate is Sheryl’s forward thinking by installing a solar system that is designed to reduce electric costs by 42%. This is especially important with an estate comprised of many buildings requiring electricity, and not a feature readily found on other estates of this size. There is a 14-stall barn which includes a western style saloon, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, a building for farm equipment, large storage building, guest-staff houses and a lovely pool with waterfall and spa. The main house consists of 10,264 square feet with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and nanny quarters.

Sheryl Crow’s Tennessee home was first listed for $7.5 million in early 2010. Sheryl put the home back on the market in early 2012 for $6.399 million. Now asking $5.8 million.

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