"Steel Magnolias" Auction!

“Steel Magnolias” Auction!

Fix a tall, cold glass of the “house wine of the south” and watch the movie again. It was a great wedding and the house and Truvy’s beauty parlor were the perfect venues. Within its walls and on its grounds, the Eatenton family dramas, joys and the bonding of close friends were relatable to all of us. Each of the stars, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and Daryl Hannah were well matched to each other and their supporting cast members. Though the film was made in 1989, it is still a great glimpse into the southern family lifestyle and the personalities of today’s southern women - gentle to outside appearance but made of the steel that holds everything and everyone together.

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Now going up for auction is this beautiful movie set home in Natchitoches, Louisiana, that was built in 1840 and was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Much like the theme of the movie, it is a home that looks gentle on the outside with its inviting columned front porch, lawns and bowers of blooming shrubbery. However on closer inspection, notice that the columns are not the usual wood that must be replaced over the years, instead they are built of brick, indicating strength and permanence. With over 5,900 square feet of living space, the home has six bedrooms, six baths, the proverbial grand staircase and is filled with antiques and furnishings that are also for sale. Wood floors are original and there are many fireplaces throughout the house. Outside is a separate three-car garage with an 800 square foot guest apartment above, a patio, privately fenced swimming pool and a side entrance drive-thru with portico over the entrance.

Placed on the market last year at prices that ranged from $1.175 million to $949,000, this historic “Steel Magnolias” movie home and its furnishings will be going up for auction on October 26th.

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