Housing Problems for Lindsay!

Housing Problems for Lindsay!
Housing Problems for Lindsay!

Poor Lindsay just can’t or won’t stay out of the news. Between drug and alcohol problems, multiple arrests, having her bank accounts frozen by IRS, not to mention upcoming court appearances, is there anything left for Lindsay to do? Maybe she’ll just get bored with being a bad girl. Regardless of her horrific public image, the girl can act (except perhaps Liz and Dick) and she can even sing.

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From award winning box office successes and achieving critical acclaim as an actress, to belting out a platinum album and two golds, no one can deny that she’s a natural and skilled performer. But we still can’t help but wonder what happened to the cute and sassy child actress from The Parent Trap? Was it too much too soon, or being raised in a family by parents who manage to display their own brand of wackiness at every opportunity?

There is also a lot of gossip about the house Lindsay rents in Beverly Hills - mainly that she can no longer afford the $8,000 monthly tab. As the story goes, she’s running out of money - even with a $100,000 loan from Charlie Sheen. Earlier Lindsay had settled with IRS for $93,000, adding to her financial burdens. Now she needs to come up with $16,000 to get to the end of her house lease in February.

This rental house has an even sadder story. Bravo spent $200,000 to redecorate the house for an episode of Million Dollar Decorators. This went along fine for a while with Lindsay making a showing for various film segments. However, after the house was completed and ready for the spotlight, Lindsey vanished from communication. According to TMZ, “the home is now so messy ... it's completely unfilmable.”

Turns out that she had so badly trashed the newly decorated house it couldn’t be filmed with her or without her. This meant that Bravo had to use previous footage to complete the episode.

Lindsay is currently spending the holidays in London with friends and family. She insists she isn’t partying this year in order to make a good showing in front of the judge. Which judge, Lindsey? California or New York?

Lindsay Lohan’s luxury Beverly Hills rental. Available in April at $8,000 a month. Expect a large security deposit!

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