Historic Virginia Brauer Estate!

Historic Virginia Brauer Estate!
Historic Virginia Brauer Estate!

Many American cities, though not in the media mainstream, harbor real estate jewels in the rough awaiting a buyer who recognizes their good bones, large rooms, high ceilings and a location that was carefully chosen by the original owner. Historical Richmond, Virginia is one of those cities.

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As with many cities in the upper and lower southern United States, long time residents fled these larger and fancier homes in favor of smaller new brick tract homes with nondescript square rooms on equally nondescript lots. After years of residential boredom and precious little living space, the value of older historic homes is once again being appreciated. Many are located on tree-lined streets with nearby parks and locations that were picked for convenience and views.

City fathers are now offering financial incentives for people to go back into these neighborhoods and bring them back to the glory of the past with an eye to the future. The restoration program in Richmond is called “Neighborhoods in Bloom”, which offers funding for rehabilitation of existing older homes or for the construction of new homes. The Union Hill -Church Hill area is one of the six city neighborhoods designated to qualify for the program.

This rare find is a charming Princess Anne with the coveted wrap around front porch. Aside from its attractive exterior, the current owner started the rehab and updated the house’s mechanical systems prior to becoming ill which necessitated it being placed on the market. The only things left to do are the cosmetics. Locally referred to as the Crown Jewel of Union Hill, the house sits on a large corner lot across from Jefferson Park with hillside views over the city around the entire curve of the porch.

Rooms are large with bay windows, original art tile fireplaces, arches, door transoms and restored stained glass. Many of the original architectural details remain intact such as the raised panel wainscoting and carved newel posts on the curved staircase. Period features include a bow-front facades with hipped roofs and projecting gables. The 5,045 square foot Victorian lady is 2.5 stories with 5 bedrooms, 6 baths and was built in 1904. Tax assessment for 2012 was $464,000; 2011 independent appraisal was $525,000. Offers are being accepted and seller financing is available

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