Car Collector 1950's Theme Home!

Car Collector 1950's Theme Home!

A favorite subject of television programs that spotlight unusually outstanding properties, the Villa de Madre estate and vineyard has been featured on both HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms series and the Behind the Gates TV show.

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Built on almost 80 acres with 63 acres of vineyards in the wine country of Suisun Valley, California near Napa, the property consists of the 22,882 square foot main house, a 2,896 square foot caretaker’s house and three magnificent car barns that can house up to 100 collectible cars. The vineyard produces 150,000 bottles of Cabernet wine annually.

The large main house is fashioned in Tuscan style with a grand entrance of divided stairwell and inset round painted ceiling. From there one enters a great room the size of an entire house with a huge walk-in fireplace of intricate design that towers up to the more than double-height ceiling. Large arched doors lead from either side of the fireplace out to yet another huge room, a combination indoor pool-spa room with living area surrounding another fireplace, a childrens’ play area on the opposite side and large grilling station with its own chimney. Large glass walls and ceiling skylights bring the outdoors in with views of weeping willows and vineyards. The house also has 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

The pièce de résistance (if there could be more than already described) is in the three “car barns” - a low key name for a high key antique car show place. Car "palace" would seem more fitting. The three buildings and their contents are as close to perfection as one could imagine. One building is the actual working garage with a full-time mechanic, but it’s a garage with a difference. Like the other two, everything glistens with cleanliness, color and 1950’s character. So clean in fact, it appears that one could eat off of any surface.

The second car palace not only showcases glittering cars but also has a full service 1950’s diner with all the trappings of the real thing. It was built to honor the memory of the diner where the owner took his girlfriend on dates and who became his wife. Also charming are the old Downtown America storefronts lining one wall.

The third car palace is an even larger building that houses, still in glistening fashion, an even larger collection of brilliantly colored muscle cars. Though all three buildings can comfortably house 100 cars, the owner has another property in a different state where he houses 100 more!

Yes, you can have it all! Villa de Madre estate originally priced at $19.9 million, now priced at $18 million.

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