Bruce's "Born to Run" House!


We can never get enough when it comes to knowing the background of our most beloved artists who have filled us with emotion, excitement and at times a certain clarity about life. Bruce Springsteen is such an artist who gave us empathy for the blue-collar worker and gave millions of his fans a voice through his powerful songs.

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Over 37 years after The Boss’s iconic album, Born to Run, was completed, he’s still going strong, still touring the world, still performing like a young rock star, and still thrilling his sold-out concerts and cheering crowds in his up close and personal style.

As with many rock ‘n roll stars, we find that most started out in basements, garages and, in Bruce’s case, a small New Jersey cottage where he wrote his breakthrough album Born to Run. During the tedious and sometimes frustrating 14 months it took to cut the album, Bruce rented this 828 square foot abode with its two bedrooms and one bath in Long Branch, NJ. Its location of being only 86 steps to the beach path probably helped Bruce clear his head over the many details he encountered over getting this album off the ground while taking breaks to stroll down the beach.

Today, Bruce’s Born to Run cottage is for sale. An extra point of interest is that one can buy the whole cottage or buy one third of the property. Currently with three owners, two of the owners say they would be willing to share a third ownership with anyone without the proceeds for a full purchase.

New Jersey cottage where rock star Bruce Springsteen wrote Born to Run. Ultimate Springsteen souvenir now for sale at $349,900.

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