Joseph Kennedy, Gloria Swanson & the Polish King!

Joseph Kennedy, Gloria Swanson & the Polish King!
Joseph Kennedy, Gloria Swanson & the Polish King!

Mansion of the Week! For those with a craving for ornate, this is the estate that will grab your attention. It’s said that it was built in 1926 for the heir to the Polish throne and later given as a gift to Gloria Swanson by her paramour, Joseph Kennedy. It appears that royalty, whether blue blood or Hollywood, has a penchant for grandeur.

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We always think of Joseph Kennedy as being the hard pushing political father who, having failed at his own goal of achieving the presidency, insisted that one of his children would make it in his place. But interestingly, he made much of his wealth in the film industry and owned a major Hollywood studio for some years. Hence his acquaintance with Gloria Swanson. Though their affair was a well known public scandal of the 1920s when both were married, most people did not know that Joe also gave Gloria a New Jersey mansion.

Considering that in the early days of film, actresses were glamor girls rather than some of the tomboyish unkempt starlets of today, this house must have been a perfect fit and a perfect “stage” for a 20’s vamp. Not to mention that it got ‘ol Joe into an environment he saw himself as deserving - away from the rumble tumble of a house full of boys and what he felt was an overly religious wife.

Gloria Crest Estate is now for sale after a complete gutting and renovation. The 24,000 square foot house sits on 5 landscaped acres and contains 8 bedrooms and 14 baths. It has four complete kitchens, an elevator and 7-car garage. Grounds contain a pool, pool house and aviary.

Built in 1926 for the heir to the Polish throne. Later given to Gloria Swanson in the 1920s by Joseph Kennedy, while they were having a very public affair. Asking $39 million.

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