A Christmas Castle in the Alps!

A Christmas Castle in the Alps!
A Christmas Castle in the Alps!

If you have ever dreamt about spending the Christmas holidays in an ancient castle in the snow-covered Italian Alps, here’s your chance. Sited high on a pinnacle, a real medieval castle overlooking the Dolomites Mountains, Tuenno Village, and the Adige River is for sale. Unlike most old castles, this one is in excellent condition where nothing needs to be done except move in.

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Winter holiday events in northern Italy are plentiful including the ancient village churches decorated for Christmas, skiing and snowboarding. Spring and summers are equally glorious with hiking, waterfalls, thermal spas, apple orchids, fresh food and flower markets. It is located at the crossroads of Mediterranean and Central European culture.

While most European castles are damp and dreary and deteriorating, this castle has been owned by the same family for 12 centuries. The unusual history of ownership has resulted in a continuity of maintenance and restoration almost impossible to find in similar structures today. All of the castle’s technical and mechanical systems have been updated and it's move-in ready.

The castle is 35,521 square feet with 16 bedrooms, 18 baths, a grand hall with a 15th century fresco and heavily beamed ceilings. There are two chapels, one of which won an award as the best frescoe renovation in a privately owned chapel. A unique feature is 16 original Baroque and Rococo tile stoves - a traditional and quite romantic heating system that dates back to the Romans and still found in some parts of Europe.

Over the centuries the family has added original furnishings and antiques, a rare collection of important objects, valuable antique paintings and various other masterpieces.

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