Derek Breaks Ankle - Sells Trump Penthouse!

Derek Breaks Ankle - Sells Trump Penthouse!

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees’ shortstop and team captain was left out of the MLB championship series finals against Detroit with a broken ankle, so it’s all over for him until next spring. But while Derek’s sitting in his easy chair with his leg propped up on a pillow and wondering how his team could have been completely trounced by the Tigers, he’ll still be smiling from ear to ear as he relives the sale of his Trump World Tower penthouse. Especially since he bought it for $12.6 million in 2001 and sold it for $15.5 million! Not bad for a flailing economy. It’s said that with his new $20 million dollar Tampa mansion and the breakup with his girlfriend, he really doesn’t need that much New York square footage, so has decided to downsize. Rumor has it that he’s been looking at Bob Vila’s Flatiron duplex apartment that has only 2,577 square feet with a 700 square foot roof deck compared to the 5,425 square foot apartment in the Trump World Tower. Plus it’s only listed at $5.7 million. Derek seems to have a nose for real estate, even if our jury is still out on the Tampa behemoth.

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Though Trump has lost some of his Midas touch in the last few years, his World Tower still looms as a synonym for glamour. Jeter’s apartment, at 5,425 square feet, has 360-degree views of Manhattan, four bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, an eat-in kitchen and a fireplace. We wonder what new owner, Brazilian businessman Claudio Ferro, will do with Derek’s # 2 that is inlaid in the wood of the entryway in a baseball diamond shape. A true batchelor lair, the walls are covered in brown ultra-suede.

Yankee star Derek Jeter bought for $12.5 million, was asking $18 million – sold for $15.5 million.

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