$250,000 Finders Fee!

$250,000 Finders Fee!

It’s one-of-a-kind for quality craftsmanship, location and just plain beauty through and through. It’s no wonder Baron’s has it as #14 in their top 20 for second homes. Located in the southern range of the Blue Ridge mountains in Highland, North Carolina, the views and land formations are spectacular. This house was designed to follow the lay of the land and the varied roof lines make it appear one with its environment. This house is a timeless classic which style will never be dated. To help understand the painstaking details that went into every aspect of this property, the owner sent his landscaper to England to consult with famed garden designer, writer and lecturer, Rosemary Verey. She designed the garden for Sagee Manor and consulted with the installation landscaper throughout, ensuring that the enhanced areas blended perfectly into the natural surroundings. This is the skill which made her famous. Some of her past clients were The Prince of Wales, Sir Elton John and the New York Botanical Garden. At Sagee Manor, only the best would do.

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Located on a 50-acre private mountain top, the home has 360 degree views of the surrounding valleys from its own 22 acres. The house has 12,500sf with 7 bedrooms, 2 offices, an amazing 10 fireplaces and a wine cellar. Meticulous care was taken in hand planing and shaping all oak beams, paneling and all joined wood. The home is family and guest friendly and a perfect place to be introduced to and inspired by woodland beauty and elegantly flowing gardens. This is a retreat like none other and a masterful achievement for all those involved in its creation.

The Atlanta businessman owner is offering a $250,000 finder's fee to anyone who brings him a buyer for his $17.9 million NC vacation home.

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