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December 21, 2012 had rumors swirling all around it, most involving the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, didn’t have the end times in mind when he designed this ‘Mayan Revival’ styled home for his friend John Sowden in 1927. The home was later owned by Dr. George Hodel, who was accused by his son, a Los Angeles homicide detective, as the killer of Elizabeth Short, better known as the Black Dahlia murder victim. Elizabeth was tortured, murdered and her body cut in half and dumped in a L.A. vacant lot in 1947.

This Hollywood home is where the movie “The Aviator” was filmed, as well as “Project Runway, Season 6” and has the warm inviting feel of the movie “Apocalypto.”

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One might expect as they’re walking through this magnificent 5,600 square foot home to step on the wrong floor tile and to be chased by a large rolling boulder out the front door. As you’re running for your life through the house, don’t miss the walls of vegetation, courtyard pool or large open rooms that give you that warm, welcoming “Mayan Temple” feel. This is the kind of home that says to your friends, “Hey, we can sit by the pool and enjoy a fire on the patio, or sacrifice someone to the sun god, it could go either way tonight…who wants margaritas?!”

Don’t lose your head over this deal! The Sowden home is now for sale at $4,888,000.

Source: sowdenhouse.com

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