Historic Buckeye Haunted Inn!

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When you think to yourself, “Wow, I sure would like to have a side of scary with these delicious waffles and various breakfast meats”, you think of the Buxton Inn, Ohio’s oldest continually running bed and breakfast. Over 200 years old, the Buxton is considered one of Ohio’s best weekend getaways and also one of its most beautiful and haunted spots. This 29,934 square foot estate attracts visitors and ghost hunters from all over the country. Recently while on one paranormal investigation at the historic inn, a group of ghost hunters caught a rather detailed EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or the voice of the undead) on one of their overnight investigations. They said they believe it was the voice of the man that the inn was named after, Major Buxton. Here is a transcript of what they believe the ghostly voice said: “They’re selling this place for $3,900,000…Wow, that’s like $12.32 in 1812 money!”

The property has ten total buildings; five comprise the inn while the other five have additional rooms when the main inn is full. After a day of walking through the courtyard with its six gorgeous fountains and grand garden, you can sleep the night away in one of the cozy rooms in the inn while listening to disembodied footsteps walking the halls, doors opening and closing by themselves and if you’re lucky you’ll see the lady in blue. Any buyer with a love for history and ‘the other side’ would be happy to own such a beautiful and haunted property.

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