Creepy Thousand Islands Mansion!

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A thousand feet of waterfront and the right visionary buyer will see this area for what it is, a very scary diamond in the rough! When it was constructed in 1895 for the president of Remington Arms and Typewriter Company, William O. Wyckoff, the Carleton Island Villa was one of the grandest structures in all of New York. Now the mansion more resembles something that crawled out of Stephen King’s imagination.

Uninhabited for over 60 years, the home is in need of major restoration. ‘Major’ being a kind way of saying “War of the Worlds,” “Terminator” and “Dawn of the Dead” could have filmed at this property with very few changes. The insides are almost completely gutted aside from a few ghosts that are rumored to inhabit the home. That being said, the solid stone outer structure sits on an island of 6.9 acres and is surrounded by almost a thousand feet of waterfront. For a mere $495,000, the buyer willing to make this piece of history into a grand restoration project, can turn this house from a nightmare into a dream home.

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Carlton Villa is frightening and big at four stories with a full basement. Public rooms were on the first floor as well as the kitchen, servant’s dining and laundry in the rear, family ensuite rooms on the second with servants’ sleeping quarters in the rear, guest rooms on the third with storage on the fourth along with an opulent billiards room. Housekeeping rooms were located in the basement along with pantries, root cellar, utilities, a carpenter shop and iron shop. With beautiful water views, the resident ghosts, bats and occasional vampire reportedly prefer the mansion’s crumbling attic space.


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