The Ghosts of Ma Barker & Sons!

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Do you need to hideout from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Have you ever said to yourself, "Boy, I sure would like to live in a place where the longest shootout in the FBI's history occurred." Well if so, you're in luck! The infamous house where Kate "Ma" Barker and her son Fred made their last stand against a barrage of FBI gunfire is available for purchase.

Both interesting and eerie at the same time, is that all the original furniture is still in place that Ma and the boys used. Of course all spilled blood has been cleaned but just seeing and touching the well-maintained furniture takes you back to the day.

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This house that was once full of bullet holes (now covered, but still visible patches) is also full of country charm. Situated on the lovely Lake Weir, with over nine acres of land and loads of beach front property, you'll feel like you can bring the whole gang down to stay. History and rumor has it that Ma Barker’s ghost still haunts the homestead, so an adventurous buyer would find the asking price of $889,000 a steal!


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