Colorado Ghost Town!

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There's a chill in the air and a full moon over Boot Hill. A pack of wild hounds howl in the distance as the mountain winds whistle through the empty streets. A piano plays something familiar from the old saloon, but the place is empty. Where did the people go? Are you afraid? Would you buy a Colorado ghost town?

There was nothing supernatural about the town called Uptop. It might sound like the part of the bunk beds we fought for as kids or the place where the Mole People who live deep within the Earth tell their mole children not to go, but the place was an actual ghost town when two sisters from Boston bought the empty hamlet in 2000. After the sisters spent lots of time and money restoring the town to its former glory, the ghosts have left and the sisters are selling.

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The town, which saw the first train roll through Colorado, was established in the 1870s shortly after the railroad carved its way through the territory. This mountain location comes complete with a train depot, dance hall, saloon, chapel, meeting hall and a 28' x 40' log cabin where the ‘Lathrop Duo’ (the sisters who renovated the town) lived while they restored the Old West site.

The ghost town, which is on the national historic registry, is the perfect place for any buyer who wants to play local sheriff, judge and jury trying to shake down travelers just passing through, or for the buyer who wants to relive the glory days of the Old West by stepping out of the saloon and having a showdown every day at high noon! For the asking price of $2,000,000 you can be the envy of all your friends with your very own ghost town and 250 acres.


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