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What do General Robert E. Lee, George Washington’s brother Charles Washington, and John Brown all have in common? They all loved hanging around this 7,000 square foot Victorian mansion. Well, everyone did except Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was tried and convicted in the attack on Harper’s Ferry in 1859, and subsequently hanged on the land where this five bedroom, four bath mansion now sits.

While not considered to be an actual haunted home, the location is one of the most historically significant in our country leading up to the Civil War in 1861. The home that was built there thirty years after Brown’s execution has spectacular amenities such as Tiffany windows, Waterford chandeliers, huge 19' ceilings, gourmet kitchen, swimming pool, barn, magnificently landscaped one-acre enclosed lot with wrought iron fencing and classic brick exterior. The hand carved wood interior throughout the home makes this a ‘must have’ for any home buyer with distinguishing taste or a fan of Civil War history.

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Despite the grounds grisly history, the asking price of $975,000 is a frighteningly good deal this Halloween season.


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