What To Look For In A Listing Agent

Rick Rapp

What to look for in a listing agent

            As we continue to recover from the recent Real Estate bubble burst it has become imperative that sellers and buyers alike work with professional and knowledgeable agents in any and all Real Estate transactions.    Working with a neighbor or friend just to “spare their feelings” simply puts you in a compromised position in this market.  We need to remember; “friends are friends and business is business”.  Selling Real Estate in this economy demands knowledge of current conditions and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing marketing techniques.  

Understanding of current market conditions

            This market is different then any market we’ve experienced in quite some time, and for numerous reasons.  Loans are much more difficult to obtain and foreclosures and short sales continue to flood the market.  Determining current market value and truly understanding market conditions is a “science” that changes on a daily basis.  When selling your home be sure that your agent has a STRONG understanding of what is happening in your particular market, and how to best position your property to obtain the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. 

Ability to advertise in a medium visible to your buyers

            It’s no secret that technological marketing has taken newspapers by the throat and basically choked them out.  As technologies rapidly change, the mediums we use to advertise change with them.  Staying on the forefront of technology is the key to a successful marketing campaign.  Having an agent that knows what the hot trends are, as well as the knowledge and creativity to implement them is crucial in this market.  When interviewing make it essential that you discuss marketing techniques used by the agent and be sure they have a strong understanding of how to best market to your particular buyer base.  

Full understanding of product

            Whether you are selling a home or a toothbrush you should have a full understanding of what you are selling.   Be sure that your listing agent takes note of what separates your home from the rest, and confirm that they convey those differences to potential buyers.  You never know what the tipping point is going to be for a certain prospect.  It may be as simple as wanting attic access or as involved as needing an automatic standby generator.  It is imperative that your agent know AND point out every detail that makes your home special.  Standing out can help you in getting out.

Understanding of your buyer base

            Knowing your customer is rule #1 in my book.  What do customers in your market desire?  What type of incentives will bring the most bang for the buck?  How can I appeal more to by specific buyer base?  These are questions some sellers may never think of asking, thus the need for an agent that understands.  Different demographics call for different marketing approaches, be sure that your listing agent understands your typical buyer base and knows how to communicate with them most effectively.

            By using these four simple tips you should be able to be sure that the agent you pick is the one best suited to sell your property.   And remember - It’s not personal, it’s business.

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