Aktiv! Ikea Now Delivers Complete Homes!

One of the big box stores that is always busy, no matter how bad the weather is or what the stock market has been up or down to is Ikea. The Swedish home supply company has been selling ready-to-assemble furniture since 1953 and has expanded over the years to include kitchen appliances, electronics, lighting, and even food to become one of the the world's largest retail operations. Its website features over 10,000 home items, and about the only thing it didn't do was sell the entire house. Until now. Ikea has partnered with a company in Oregon to sell a line of prefabricated homes. The tiny homes come with a full package of IKEA products including flooring and cabinets. The home line is called "Aktiv" which is Swedish for active, and will sell in the $80,000 range. Time.com has the happy details. src: newsfeed.time.com

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